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solar clipse-imageUganda which is listed among the famous safari destinations in Africa can be dubbed the home of eclipses. Its wonders do not stop on the great deal of mountain gorillas that form the ground for gorilla trekking safaris or large number of primates that from the ground for chimpanzee trekking safaris or the diverse wild game that form the basis for wildlife safaris but also her position along the equator.
It is this factor that has won her the dub of being the home of eclipses. Contemporary Uganda safari undertakers and other people might think that the 3rd November, 2013 eclipse was the first of its kind in Uganda something that earns them a big zero. The 2013 total eclipse that occurred in Pakwach in the north west of Uganda was actually the second of its kind with the first of its kind estimated to have occurred in 1520AD at Biharwe 12km from Mbarara town in south west of Uganda.
These two eclipses are apparently commemorated by two respective monuments that can be visited while on a safari tour in Uganda to take you back in time when such natural landmarks occurred on this planet. The 1520 AD eclipse has got a very big historical attachment to the local people of Ankole as it occurred at the time when they were experiencing famine after losing all their cows to the invading Banyoro. The Banyoro under the kingship of Olimi had extended to invade Rwanda and on their return, the total solar eclipse befell upon them at Biharwe and since an eclipse was a taboo in the Banyoro traditions, they abandoned all the cows that they had gathered in Rwanda at the site and ran straight to Bunyoro and when the eclipse was over, the locals found great number of cows in the area and thought that they had come from heaven. They referred to them as enduga mwiguru or empenda y’ munoni. This enabled the locals to repossess the cows and start up their pastoral lives again. The monument has been constructed in commemoration of this and can be encountered en route to Bwindi on your Uganda gorilla safari. The monument in Pakwach can be incorporated in your Uganda wildlife safari tour in Murchison Falls National Park.
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