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The Uganda hotel owners association gets a new executive director – Uganda safari news

hotel owners-imageAccommodation is one of the central elements when it comes to a tourism package. A Uganda safari package has to include accommodation, transport and entrance to tourism sites including the gorilla trekking permits and Chimpanzee trekking permits if the client is interested in them.
The Uganda Hotel Owners Association brings together various hoteliers in Uganda to craft the way forward for the accommodation component in terms of satisfying the clients’ interests and at the same time upholding industry standards that would definitely ensure the thriving of safaris to Uganda.
This is the pivotal point that inspires Uganda Hotel Owners Association (UHOA) to work tirelessly and putting together a team of experts to shape the industry. In this endeavor, the Association on Monday 2nd March made a mile stone after appointing Ms. Jean Byamugisha as the Executive Director of the Association.
The new appointee has been spanning as UN’s IOM hospitality expert and had a background of 6 years’ experience working with UHOA as an Executive Secretary. The combination of these gives her fertile ground to create a wind of positive change with in the entire hospitality sector at large that would see the Uganda safari undertakers satisfied during their travel in Uganda.
Jean Byamugisha has already expressed signs of collaborative management when she asserted that she will work closely with the Tourism Ministry, Uganda Tourism Board, Uganda Wildlife Authority, and Tourism Associations with in the sector, Airlines, Insurance Companies, media, Insurance along with a range of other service providers to ensure the service sector is transformed.
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