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Uganda is an Ultimate fishing destination in Africa-Uganda Safari News

fishing safaris in ugandaThe Pearl of Africa – Uganda is perfect fishing destination in Africa. With almost one third of the country covered/ occupied by fresh water bodies, Uganda has unique sport fishing opportunities to offer to visitors on Uganda Safari tours. Sport fishing activities in Uganda are carried out or done on different destinations like Lake Victoria-Africa is largest fresh water body, Murchison Falls National Park –Uganda’s largest national park, Lake Mburo national park and Ssese Islands. The prominent fish species caught include the Nile Perch weighing up to 108 Kgs, Tilapia, Ferocious fighter, Tiger fish, Barbel and Cat fish among others.
Murchison Falls situated in North West part of Uganda is a world-famous fishing destination in Uganda. Sport Fishing at Murchison Falls National Park is mainly done or conducted in the area at the base of the world’s powerful falls. The fishing is carried out either on slightly lower downstream in the pools from a boat or from the rocks on the bank of the Nile River. Fishing at Murchison changes from year to year but the best fishing months for visitors on fishing safaris in Uganda is drier months i.e. December to March and June to October. The common fish species caught on casting lures or on live bait include Nile perch as well as cat fish, tiger fish.
Lake Mburo is another spot fishing safe haven in Uganda. With around six species of fish, Uganda sport fishing safaris in Lake Mburo are conducted at Mazinga; however, visitors are requested to bring their own fishing equipment’s and also book permit in advance with UWA offices.
Also visit the Ssese Islands a small collect dotted with over eighty (80) islands situated right off Entebbe in Uganda. It is really an unexplored paradise with the largest part of it unsettled except by roaming local fishermen. Fishing here is done in the Boats which are fully facilitated with fishing equipment’s, rain suites, GPS, fish finders as well as icebox with ice and drinks. Besides the Nile perch, one can also catch fish species like Tilapia, Ngara (Genus alestes), Tiger fish, catfish, ferocious fighter and barbell.
For memorable sport fishing experience in Uganda, reserve your permit now because limited fishing permits are available each year. Kindly note that, we encourage or promote the philosophy of ‘Catch and return’ for conservation purposes.
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