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kaseseThe Ebola-like hemorrhagic fever, Marburg has of recent raised a lot of fear among Ugandans when it was reported to be in the country. This raised great alarm among Ugandans and Uganda safari undertakers. However, it is now good news to hear that Uganda has been declared Marburg free by the World Health Organization (WHO).
This resolution follows a 42 days period of surveillance ever since the health worker died of this dangerous virus. The period included isolating the people that the health worker had contact with. The two cycles of incubation that both counts to 42 days is followed by the WHO and it is from informed judgment that this world health body has congratulated the Government of Uganda and the Ministry of health for containing this dangerous virus that had threatened travellers to undertake safaris to Uganda.
Uganda announced the Marburg outbreak after the laboratory tests confirmed a 30-year-old male radiographer, for having lost his dear life resulting from this hemorrhagic fever on September 28th, 2014. After this incident, 197 people many of which are his relatives and colleagues who had gotten in contact with him were isolated from the public. Though eight (8) of them developed Marburg-like symptoms, they all tested negative for the viral hemorrhagic fever. This was followed by an announcement fr

om the Health Ministry cautioning the public to reduce contact with wild animals like fruit bats, wearing gloves for the case of health workers and required protective equipment while dealing with patients. This did not only inconvenience the local people but also inconvenience those on safari in Uganda.
The Marburg virus was first recognized in 1967, following the sickness of 31 people in German and Yugoslavia in an outburst that was later traced back to the laboratory monkeys that were imported from Uganda. In Uganda, the virus broke out in 2012 and nine (9) out of eighteen (18) people that were infected. However for this case, the country has lost only one person implying the strengthen efforts to curb the virus.
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