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Uganda is unlocking the potential of sports tourism

sports tourismThe pearl of Africa – Uganda is in melting point of unlocking the untouched potential of sports tourism in the different safari destinations in the country. The different regional sports events organized and supported by the different tourism stake holders clearly shows the trend the tourism sector is taking in promoting sports tourism in the country. The sponsorship of regional sports events in Uganda’s Switzerland (Kabale), Golf tournament and the lunch of the Source of the Nile Corporate Challenge by Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) and Sports Tourism International critically means that the different stake holders in the tourism sector are ready to promote Uganda as safari sport destination in addition to its being gorilla safari destination.
For decades, tourism in Uganda has been much dependent on the unique wildlife and natural resources which are well distributed in different parts of the country and most of the tourists on safaris to Uganda have been coming to enjoy the views of different wildlife species like the Mountain gorillas, Lions, Chimpanzees, African elephants, Buffaloes among others.
With change in trend, the need to make sure that local community who are the custodians of the tourism resources benefit from tourism has been identified and given priority. Sports Tourism International (STI) has taken step head to ensure that the locals not only benefit in tourism but also partake in the different tourism activities in the different destinations in the country. This is done through organizing different sports tourism activities in the different destination areas in the country. Through these events, locals are encouraged to participate in the activities an event the income generated, part is offered to support different community projects.
One of Uganda’s outstanding tourism destinations – Jinja, also the Source of the Nile, is one of the places where the next sports event scheduled on 28-30th of August like take place. The sports event is one of the events which is seen as the move to unlock the potential of sports tourism in the country. Being the only Uganda safari destination where experiential speed boating, adventurous bungee jumping, canoeing, whitewater rafting, as well as quad biking and horse riding is done, Jinja really deserves the to be promoted as Uganda’s sporting destination where visitors on Uganda safari tours can have adventurous sports experiences while on their safaris to Uganda.
The Source of the Nile Corporate Challenge (SNCC) which is expected to attract participation of over one hundred (100) corporate teams from Uganda the host, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, South Sudan and Ethiopia is really unique opportunity that can unlock the hidden potential of sports tourism in Uganda. The planned sports tourism activities to be enjoyed by visitors on Uganda safaris to Jinja on that day include a birding race, quad biking, swimming gala, football, netball, volleyball, golf, kayaking/boat regatta among others.
In nut shell, Uganda is tourism potential is beyond Wildlife and special thanks go to Sports Tourism International (STI) a private initiative championing the promotion of sport tourism as one of the key tourism products that can enjoyed by visitors on safaris in Uganda.

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