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Uganda loses a man friendly giraffe-Uganda safari News

tangiUganda tourism sectors had a certain death of the giraffe that was free to tourists and had attracted very many safaris in Uganda. This was a bad moment for the tour operators and the Uganda Wildlife Education Center who were shocked about this news. The giraffe has been attracting many safaris to Uganda and many people have been having a good time with the giraffe hence enjoying their Uganda safari tours.

The giraffe has been known by the names of Tangi and it has been lovely to the local people and tourists as well. Tourists have been feeding the giraffe with lots of foods and having photographs with it while on their Uganda safari. The giraffe had got ill the doctor treated it well but however it was a surprise to the rangers who found the giraffe dead. It is said that the death was because of intestine blockade.

However, much protection is going to be given to the wild animals in Uganda concerning their health so as to maintain their number and attract more safaris to Uganda. More animals will be brought to Uganda Wildlife Education Center to be protected so as to boost tourism in Uganda through attracting more tourists to come for Uganda safaris.

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