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Uganda named as a tourist destination – Uganda safaris

baby gorillaUganda is to be launched as a tourist destination on the world tourism day which is to take place on Friday in fort portal; this launch will help to identify Uganda as a unique tourism destination will help in marketing and promoting the tourism sector which will in return help in increasing safaris to Uganda.

The World tourism day is a day which is celebrated worldwide by all countries , which aims at encouraging domestic tourism and also helps in encouraging all the nations to encourage their citizens to visit the tourist attractions with in their countries so that the number of safaris can be increased at the same time developing the tourism industry.

However, Ugandans need to be aware of the tourism in Uganda by visiting the attractions with in the country so as to increase the number of safaris in Uganda and also help in encouraging domestic tourism with in the country. This will help in developing the tourism sector of Uganda. This will also help in attracting international tourists to come for tour visits to Uganda.

The main theme for celebrating the world tourism day is mainly focused on Tourism and water, which means protecting the common future which will help in focusing on mountain Rwenzori region for which provides the largest source of fresh water to the people of East Africa. This will help in improving the tourism sector and also increasing Uganda safaris to Uganda.

Domestic tourism in Uganda can well be developed if the entrance fees to the main tourist destinations have been removed mostly for Ugandans, this will help in increasing the number of Ugandan visiting the national parks, which will help in developing the tourism industry in Uganda and also increasing the number of safaris to Uganda.

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