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Uganda is nUganda safarisamed among the 20 global tourism destinations come 2013,according to the national Geographic.Unlike the lonely planet,which named Uganda as the best travel destination for 2012,the national geographic which is an international travel channel affiliated to the national geographic society, listed Uganda among the top “new year’s (2013)20 must -see places.”

The pride of Uganda’s tourism lies in the undistributed green cover that welcomes you the moment you arrive in Uganda whether by land, air or water transport,stated the National Geographic.
They stated that getting out of the city on a Uganda safari or tour is a more rewarding experience as it provides one with a variety of bird species,wild life and the rare Uganda mountain gorillas that have been ‘a hot cake’ to Uganda tourists that tour Uganda.

The National geographic recommends a number of books and documentaries to watch about Uganda such as The Last King of Scotland and Gifted by nature.

Tourism experts explain that Uganda has beautiful scenery, unique wild life such as the mountain gorillas and is easy to visit or live in because of the hospitality of the people and government policy.
Uganda’s wild life has lots of untapped potential like the Kidepo national park,which is a unique destination but is still undiscovered by tourists.
In contrast to this a lot is known about Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth National parks but Kidepo is unique and truly wild,yet not many tourists visit Northern Uganda.

After a long Kony war that the Uganda government of Uganda brought to an end,The northern Uganda region and the entire country enjoys a piece full environment that has boosted not only the Uganda safari industry but other sectors too.
Uganda’s tourism industry is gaining visibility through massive campaigns to participate in the international world travel market so that many people get to know about Uganda but aggressive marketing is still needed from government.
With this great achievement more employment and income opportunities will be attained through the tourism industry or sector.

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