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Uganda on the move to revive museums and host a milk exhibition

milking - ugandaThe destination Uganda is preparing to host a famous milk exhibition under the new collaborative umbrella among Uganda National Museum, the Uganda Tourism Board and the University of Zurich’s ethnographic Museum, an event that is believed to attract counts of people to undertake safaris to Uganda
The Swiss Anthropologist Mr. Rahael Schwere visited Uganda in the previous week and Director of Igongo Cultural Center who is also Uganda Tourism Board’s chair Mr. James Tumusiime noted in his address during the visit that the collaboration will aim at transforming the information about culture in order to stimulate the Uganda safari undertakers to pick interest in visiting the heritage sites, museums and monuments in the country.
The need to undertake the lifting of monuments, Museums and other heritage sites so as to ensure tourism promotion and developing other products that can be visited by travelers on safaris in Uganda besides national park is indeed vital for Uganda. Mr. Tumisiime admitted.
Mr. Schwere is visiting researcher in Uganda with keen interest in the milk communities as the nation plans to host the International Milk Exhibition that is anticipated in a close period of time. The exhibition is aimed at attracting a range of cattle keepers to demonstrate their traditional milk processing and methods of production along with their storage items and utensils something that is anticipated to be of great interest to the local population and the foreigners who would end up undertaking Uganda safaris to experience the thrill.
The milk drinking cultures from various parts of the world are in the move to carry out a joint milk exhibition in Uganda Considering the fact that Uganda is rich in culture and moving steadily to transformation holding the traditional milk processing practices along with the modern means makes it an ideal center to host such milk exhibition. Mr. Schwere is undertaking a milk research project in the areas of Soroti, Karamoja and the west of Karamoja.
On the issue of Museums, it is unfortunate that Uganda only features three public Museums which are far below the 1000 museums that are found in Zurich City alone. As if that is not enough, it can also be noted that the national Museum is also not well attended to and inadequate space has caused most of the historical artifacts to remain not displayed for the benefit of travelers on Uganda safari. Uganda National Museums increasingly receives items of historical significance that need to be preserved and the recent ones include the Presidential Cars and story of Albertine Graben Oil discovery.

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