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Is Uganda really Ready to become Medical tourism Destination?-Uganda Safari News

medical tourismUganda tourism sector is so much based on natural resources like wildlife in national parks, water bodies like source of the Nile, lake victoria, mountains like Rwenzori, Elgon but less has been done to uplift medical tourism  and yet it’s one of the potentials which the tourism sector can develop to help the country increase the number of Safari Tours to Uganda. Medical tourism for so long has been left to few tourism destinations like India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia as well as Kenya to small extent mainly because these famous countries have traditionally developed medical infrastructures.
The country  has the potential of becoming a medical tourism destination because it has one of the well-established national hospitals in the whole of East African region like Mulago main hospital, Nsambya Hospital, Norvik Hospital & Research Center ltd, International Hospital – Kampala(IHK, Rubaga Hospital, Butabika Hospital (National Mental Referral Hospital, Case Medical Center, among others. All these can be well positioned to help make Uganda global Health reference point where travelers from different parts of the World under take Uganda safaris to come and seek medical health . With Uganda Heart Institute’s in Mulago acquisition of the catheterization laboratory, the tourism sector should capitalize on that to market the equipment to other countries within the region. This will help to attract patients from countries like Rwanda, South Sudan, and Kenya to undertake safaris to Uganda when seeking for medical help.
Besides the hospitals, Uganda is also blessed with different natural hot springs which are proved to be healing some serious diseases a case in point is Sempaya hot spring and Kitagata hot springs also dubbed Mulago, the main  hospital .The hot spring is believed to have healing power to various illnesses. Many local people and others from nearby countries while on their Uganda safaris try to visit this site but the magnitude is low and hence there is need to develop and reposition the hot spring to potential medical travelers looking for destinations to visit.  the pearl of Africa also has the other prominent hot spring called Amoropii hot springs which is positioned in northern Uganda. The spring is believed to do healing miracles for different visitors on Uganda safari tours. Uganda’s hot springs are perfect locations for rehabilitation clinics for those travelers with disabilities.
Despite of the  potential to become medical tourism destination, Ugandan government has to do a lot to improve on the health infrastructure and also invite expert doctors from countries like china to help train the doctors  on how to handle different illnesses. To the tourism stake holders, there is need to aggressively market the medical tourism potential and this can help to attract travelers to undertake safaris to Uganda.
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