Uganda Rwanda Congo Safari:- Uganda Rwanda Congo Tour, Gorilla Trekking, Wildlife & Cultural African Safaris-Tours.

Uganda Rwanda Congo safari or Uganda Rwanda Congo tour, offer gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, wildlife-game viewing top African safari national parks and game reserves within each of these safari countries, cultural African safaris tours visits in culturally rich tribes and communities, birdwatching, adventure activities, amazing scenery viewing, etc. These Uganda Rwanda Congo safari trips are combined African safari itineraries packages designed to enable you to explore Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo at the same safari. The Safari tours can commence in Uganda and end in Rwanda but the reverse is also possible.

Uganda, Rwanda Congo safari tours feature the magical gorilla trekking in all the three countries gaining chances of exploring both Mountain Gorillas and Eastern lowland Gorillas thriving in their natural habitats. Other primate experiences like Chimpanzee trekking and golden monkey tracking are part of this arrangement and truly offer remarkable memories.

Sample Uganda Rwanda Congo Safari Itineraries: Uganda Rwanda Congo Tours for Gorilla Trekking, Wildlife & Cultural African Safaris-Tours.

Please note that these Uganda Rwanda Congo safari packages can be customised to suit your personal special safari interests and desires.

5 Days Gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda

The 8 Days Rwanda Congo Uganda Highlight Safari is a short safari tour featuring Mountain Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park, Adventure hike to Nyiragongo Volcano, game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Read More

3 days Rwanda Gorilla safari tour & Dian Fossey – 3 Days

The 10 Days Primate Safari in Uganda Rwanda Congo commences in Kampala Uganda and ends in Kigali Rwanda traversing all the three countries noted to be the primate hot spots in the world. Read More

Gorilla Trekking & Chimps Safari in Uganda 10 days uganda tour

The 12 Days Uganda Rwanda Congo Gorilla, Chimpanzee & Wildlife Safari is a comprehensive safari package allowing you to explore these remarkable African destinations. Read More

2 Days Gorilla Safari in Rwanda to tour Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park & Kigali City

The 17 Days Uganda, Rwanda Congo Combined Safari takes you through three destinations of Africa known to have the great populations of Primates in the world. Read More

Sample Uganda Rwanda and Congo Safari Itineraries: Uganda Rwanda and Congo Tour – OVERVIEW

Uganda’s extensive savannah landscapes including Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo Valley, Murchison and Lake Mburo National Park shelter a myriad of wild game including the Big five with the tree-climbing lions of Ishasha and southern white Rhinos in Ziwa Sanctuary, counts of African savannah and forest elephants, Cape Buffaloes along with other wildlife like the Rothschild Giraffes, Impala, Uganda Kobs, Elands, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Cheetah, the Aardwolf, Jackal species among others that combine to offer a very rewarding wildlife safari extension on Uganda Rwanda and Congo tours.

The heritage sites like the Royal tombs of the Kingdom of Buganda at Kasubi, the Bachwezi earthworks at Ntutsi, Stone age sites like Nsongezi in Isingiro, the ancient rock paintings at Nyero in Kumi and in Dolwe Island in Lake Victoria, the Rwandan genocide sites at Gisozi, Nyamata and Murambi, the Rwandan Royal Palace at Nyanza and the National Museum of Rwanda in Huye offer a rich heritage and cultural tours in these destinations.

The Uganda, Rwanda and Congo safaris are popularly taken up by travellers interested in viewing chimpanzees, wild game and mountain gorillas in Uganda and another Mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda and eventually Nyiragongo Volcano Climbing in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Rwanda Congo Safari Tours-Double Gorilla Trekking in Africa!


Virunga National Park

The 5 Days Congo Lowland Gorilla Tour & Nyungwe Chimpanzees present an opportunity to explore the two of the Big Apes namely; Chimpanzees in the largest montane forest of Nyungwe National Park to the south of Rwanda and low land gorilla in the famous Kahuzi Biega National Park. Read More

12 Days Uganda Rwanda Congo Gorilla, Chimpanzee & Wildlife Safari

The 5 Days Congo Gorilla Safari and Nyiragongo Mountain Climbing is a fun filled adventure safari itinerary that combines two of the most unique offers of Congo’s Virunga National Park. Read More

5 Days Congo Lowland Gorilla Tour & Nyungwe Chimpanzees

The 12 Days Rwanda Congo Primate and Wildlife Adventure Safari is an extensive package involving Mountain Gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Eastern Lowland Gorilla trekking in Congo, Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe National Park. Read More

8 Days Active Adventure Vacation Safari in Rwanda

The 17 Days Rwanda Congo Cross-border Adventure Safari commences in Kigali Rwanda and ends in Kinshasha Democratic Republic of Congo. Read More

Kenya Uganda and Tanzania Combined Safaris

These combined Kenya Safaris & tours , Uganda and Tanzania wildlife safaris are ideally magical wonders that are indeed worth undertaking.

13 Days Flying Tanzania, Uganda Primate & Kenya Wildlife Safari tour

The 13 Days Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda Primate & Wildlife Flying Safari tour presents a diverse inter-country safari experience commencing from Nairobi Kenya and ending in Kigali Rwanda or Entebbe Uganda. Read More

14 Days Uganda, Tanzania & Kenya Gorilla & Wildlife Safari

The 14 Days Uganda, Tanzania & Kenya Gorilla & Wildlife Safari is a combined East African Safari tour taking you through the magical wonders of Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. Read More

Kenya and Tanzania Combined Safaris

6 Days Kenya Tanzania Combined Safari Maasai Mara, Serengeti & Ngorongoro

The Safari commences from Nairobi Kenya and ends in Arusha Tanzania traversing the popular destinations of Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania. Read More

8 Days Kenya & Tanzania Safari to Lake Nakuru, Maasai Mara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro & Lake manyara

The 8 Days Safari to Lake Nakuru, Maasai Mara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro & Lake Manyara features keen interest in wild game viewing, birding, sightseeing and cultural encounters. Read More

9 Days Tanzania Kenya Combined Safari to Amboseli, Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Serengeti & Maasai mara

This is a medium Tanzania Kenya Combined Safari that commences and ends in Nairobi taking you to the popular wildlife sites of Amboseli National Park with its population of free ranging elephants at the backyard of Mountain Kilimanjaro. Read More

10 Days Kenya & Tanzania Safari tour to Aberdare, Amboseli, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro, Serengeti & Maasai Mara

The 10 Days Kenya & Tanzania Safari tour is an extensive safari package designed to allow you explore these two popular East African destinations in detail. The safari takes you to Aberdare National Park. Read More

Uganda and Tanzania Combined Safaris

10 Days Primate Safari in Uganda Rwanda Congo

The 10 Days Gorilla & Wildlife Safari in Uganda and Tanzania starts in Entebbe Uganda and ends in Arusha Tanzania. The safari takes you to Kibale National Park for Chimpanzee trekking, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for gorilla trekking. Read More

Uganda Gorilla Trekking Tour 12 Days uganda tour

The 12 Days Gorilla & Wildlife Safari in Uganda and Tanzania commences in Entebbe Uganda and ends in Arusha Tanzania taking you to the rewarding sites in these two destinations. Read More

Uganda Flying Tour to Murchison Falls & Semliki, 6 Days Uganda Flying Tour

The 16 Days Uganda Tanzania Primate & Wildlife Tour is an extensive safari package that involves two domestic flights, one regional flight and optional one domestic charter flight to make the travel between destinations shorter. Read More

2 days Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary Safari in Uganda tour

The 22 Days Uganda Tanzania Gorilla, Wildlife & Mountaineering Adventure Safari is an extensive combined Safari package presenting a detailed encounter in these two mighty destinations. Read More

Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Uganda | Gorilla tracking tour in Uganda

Gorilla tracking safari in Uganda -We offer tailored mountain Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda but one can choose from a variety of our Uganda gorilla tour safari sample packages. Gorilla Safaris in Uganda are currently among the prime Uganda safari products that have taken the world by storm. Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda are conducted in two habitats where mountain gorillas are known to exist and have been habituated for human encounter. Read More about Uganda Gorilla Safaris

Gorilla Safari in Uganda 3 days uganda tours

Visit Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and trek Endangered mountain gorillas, Our star attraction…Read More

3 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari From Kigali To Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

The park is notably known as the second refigium for the critically endangered mountain gorillas…Read More

Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari to Bwindi 3 days uganda tours

This is a great day that will mark your re-union with your long lost cousins – the mountain gorillas…Read More

Bwindi gorilla trekking 4 days uganda tours

Trek the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest & wildlife in queen Elizabeth park…Read More

Bwindi Gorilla Safari & Wildlife 4 days uganda tours

See mountain gorillas in Bwindi Park & Queen Elizabeth Park for game viewing…Read More

4 Days Gorilla tour in Uganda - double tracking uganda tours

Do gorilla trekking and have an evening performance of the Batwa / Bakiga…Read More

Gorillas & Wildlife Uganda Safari Tour 5 Days uganda tours

Trek Endangered Mountain gorillas in Bwindi and wildlife in Lake Mburo…Read More

5 Days Africa Gorilla tour in Uganda uganda tours

Do morning game drive and afternoon boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel & an evening game drive along the channel track…Read More

Uganda Rwanda Gorilla trekking Safari 8 days uganda tour

A Rwanda gorilla safari in Volcanoes & Uganda Bwindi Impenetrable National Park on this gorilla Uganda safari..Read More

Uganda Safari tour 9 days uganda tour

Uganda wildlife tour in Murchison Falls, Kibale Forest, Queen Elizabeth & Gorilla trekking Uganda in Bwindi Forest.Read More

9 days Wilderness Camping Gorilla safari in Uganda tour

Go camping on a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda & Rwanda, enjoy wildlife Uganda safari game drives in prominent Game parks.Read More

Gorilla Trekking & Chimps Safari in Uganda 10 days uganda tour

Enjoy a Uganda gorilla safari and wild chimps in the spectacular forests of Bwindi & Kibale Forest National Park..Read More

11 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari uganda tour

Go gorillas trekking in Uganda and Rwanda but also tour a range of wildlife and culture while on this wildlife safari.Read More

Uganda Gorilla Trekking Tour 12 Days uganda tour

This is a gorilla trekking Uganda safari in Bwindi, a stop at Uganda Equator crossing, wildlife game drives and chimpanzee trekking safari.Read More

Uganda & Rwanda Safari 13 Days uganda tour

Tour all the premier destinations in Uganda and Rwanda on this adventure trip. Book this safari with us now.Read More

Birding & Gorilla trekking Uganda Safari 14 days uganda tour

Enjoy a birding safari in Uganda in top bird watching destinations in Africa on this tour plus Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable.Read More

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Rwanda Safari; 9 Days

Rwanda Safari

Rwanda Safaris: For those interested in doing a gorilla safari in Rwanda Africa or an African wildlife safari in Rwanda to tour Rwanda cultures, people and scenery, the following are common questions for who ever wants to safari Rwanda have been answered for you to make your safaris in Rwanda easy to undertake. What time is it in Rwanda? Is it safe to visit Rwanda? Do I need a Rwanda Visa? What is the best time to visit Rwanda? It is noted that while planning to visit Rwanda, a range of travel questions do arise and here at Prime Uganda safaris we attempt to answer them for the benefit of those that take safaris to Rwanda.. Click Here to Find More about Rwanda Safari Holiday

Kenya Safari Holiday Tours, Kenya Safaris & Tours -A safari in Kenya is a true Africa safari adventure!

3 Days Maasai Mara Wildlife Safari in Kenya

Maasai Mara Wildlife Safari in Kenya

Kenya safari tour – Kenya Safaris OR Kenya Tours have proved unforgettable to travelers and tourists that safari in Kenya to the extreme east of the continent of Africa as they enjoy a diverse natural landscape where the extensive savannah is intercepted by steep slopes of the Great East African Rift Valley with Kenya`s its floor marked by a chain of lakes while the Indian Ocean form her eastern boundary presenting the endless beach landscape especially around Mombasa. Click Here to Find More Kenya Safari Tours

Tanzania Safari Holiday Tours, Tanzania Wildlife Safari Vacation, Wildlife Safari in Tanzania-Tanzania Safari tours

Long Tanzania Safari Tours

Tanzania Safari Tours

Tanzania safari: Interested in wildlife safari to Tanzania? The Tanzania safari hub is noted to have amazing wildlife in Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, Arusha and Lake Manyara wildlife safari parks. Tanzania safaris take you is the largest country in East African community, 13th and 31st on the African continent and global scale respectively covering 947,303km2 featuring a coastline of 800km2. Click Here to Find More Tanzania Safari Holiday Tours

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