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The Uganda Safari Destination of Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda – Uganda Safaris

The destination of Uganda is blessed to house a total of ten (10) recognized National parks. All these, with their different attractions can be visited by the travelers who embark on Safaris to Uganda, in all seasons of the year, and some offer totally unique experiences that can’t be experienced in other parts of the world like Uganda Gorilla Safaris to Bwindi.

Interestingly, each of these Uganda Safari park destinations has some unique feature that can’t be found in other destinations, making a Safari to Uganda one of Africa’s top Adventure Safaris.

For today, we take a look at these Uganda Safari destinations in order of their strengths, starting with Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth national park Uganda, is considered to be one of the most famous Uganda Safari tourist destination. With the famous, but uncommon tree climbing lions of Ishasha sector and then the relaxing boat cruise along the Kazinga channel.

Another famous attraction is with the Katwe Crater Lakes, a cluster of 10 different crater lakes formed way back from extinct volcanoes. These lakes don’t only offer stunning scenery, but also breathtaking views across Queen Elizabeth National Park.

On a lucky clear day, while around the lake shores, the visitors can also have some stunning views of the neighboring mountains of Congo. Some of the lakes are filled with water and provide ample opportunity to observe animals coming down to the water’s edge to drink.

The park lies in the western parts of Uganda, and stretches to the districts of Kasese, Bundibugyo, Bushenyi and Rukungiri, covering an area of about 1978sqkm.

To have a great Uganda Safari to Queen Elizabeth national Park Uganda, early arrangements are highly recommended, which are mostly possible through booking with a local tour operator, most probably Prime Safaris & Tours ltd, which I am positive will give you Ultimate Africa Safari Memories.

Self-Drive Car Rentals in Uganda are also always available for the travelers willing to take themselves around this famous Uganda Safari destination.

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