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UGANDA SAFARI Uganda is one of the best African safari destinations and Uganda safari trips/Uganda safaris are among the best travel packages in the whole world. In Uganda, you will find a bit of everything the continent has to offer packed into one small stunning destination, only 241,038 km2 in size on top of the rear mountain gorillas which are preserve of only 3 African countries namely Uganda, Rwanda and Congo and Uganda has the biggest number of mountain gorillas in the whole world.

Even Sir Winston Churchill called it the ‘Pearl of Africa’. He was right. This small, friendly equatorial landlocked East African country possesses a staggering wealth of natural assets.

Many tourist who want to discover Uganda’s rich array of natural attractions have several questions before they finally make up their minds to safari to Uganda.

Below are the most frequently asked Uganda safari questions and their answers to guide you well when making that important choice of Uganda trip which are very important Uganda safari information.

Uganda has a unique combination of safari attractions not available anywhere else that make Uganda a special African safari destination worth visiting. Whether it’s your first safari in Uganda or a return trip, Uganda will always offer you  a unique special adventure. Read More

Is Uganda safe?/Is it safe to travel to Uganda?”

It is  generally safe to travel to Uganda especially if you are on a well-organized tour or safari. Uganda has the friendliest people in Africa who are ready and happy to welcome visitors to their country. Read More

UGANDA SAFARIA safari in Uganda cost is derived from various elements that comprise your Uganda trip itinerary like the cost of tourist activities like permits at 700$, accommodation, car/flight, driver/guide etc. The average minimum for a1 day Uganda safari ranges from 200$ to 300$ for one person and the more people the cheaper the cost. Read MoreUGANDA SAFARI

Uganda is the truly the pearl of Africa for:- magnificence, variety of form and color, profusion of brilliant life−bird, insects, reptiles, beasts 9Gorillas& Chimps) and for vast scale according to Sir Winston Leonard Churchill in his book “My African Journey” published in 1908. Uganda also has the happiest and most loving people in the whole word. Read More

Top things to do in Uganda?-best things to do during your Uganda safari. The popular Uganda safari activities include:- gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, Big5 game viewing, gorilla & chimpanzee habituation, bird watching, mountain climbing etc. Uganda offers a variety of adventure and fun tourist activities. Read More

What is the currency in Uganda?/What currency does Uganda use?”

What is Uganda currency? Uganda shilling (sign: USh; code: UGX) is the official currency of Uganda. The Uganda currency cannot be purchased outside the country. Read More

What is the best currency to take to Uganda?/Can I use US dollars in Uganda?

The currency of choice, trade and tourism in Uganda is US Dollars (US$/USD). Many Uganda hotels, safari companies, airlines; Uganda Wildlife Authority for gorilla permit and park fees ask for US$. Read More

How do I exchange cash in Uganda?/Where can I exchange money in Uganda?

UGANDA SAFARIGetting Uganda Shillings while on safari in Uganda can be done at Entebbe International Airport or at a border post if you are entering via land or you can convert at any of the foreign exchange (forex) bureau in Kampala city and other major towns in Uganda. Read More

Can I use my Visa debit card or Credit card in Uganda?

All large towns and many smaller ones have at least one 24-hour ATM where local currency can be drawn against any international PIN-protected credit/debit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo. Read More

What is the best way to send money to Uganda?”

UGANDA SAFARIIt is much quicker to have a friend or relative send you money using Western Union or MoneyGram. You will be able to collect Ugandan shillings convert from a sum paid to an agent in your home country as little as 10 minutes earlier. Read More

Tipping is not a culture in Uganda. This is, however, being adapted especially by people with jobs in the tourism industry especially in hotels, lodges and with guides. Read More

As you tour Uganda, you advised not to pull out all your money with other people watching you. It is good to always keep the money you’re going to use soon nearer and keep the rest far safe. Read More

After enjoying their Uganda tours, the visitor also thinks of what to bring back from Uganda. There are a variety of unique things to buy in Uganda. Souvenirs are any objects that can be purchased and transported home by the traveller as a memento of their travel to Uganda. Read More

What is required to travel to Uganda?

Find regular Uganda entry requirements, special COVID-19 regulations for travel to Uganda during the new normal period, Uganda visa application and East Africa tourist visa information and much more.. Read More

What do I need to travel to Uganda during this period of COVID-19?

Entebbe International Airport re-opened on 1 October 2020. Land borders have also re-opened. New Coronavirus travel standard operating procedures (SOPs) are in place for all arriving and departing passengers. Read More

Do I need a passport to travel to Uganda? ”

Yes, at the time you book your safari tour to Uganda, be certain to obtain a passport or check your current passport and make sure the expiration date is at least 6 months beyond your travel date. Read More

How much is a visa to Uganda?”

Uganda Single Entry Visa  (valid for 90 days)US$  50


East African Tourist Visa (Valid for 90 days)US$ 100


Read More

Is Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate required for Uganda?


The situation with yellow fever shot changes regularly, but as things stand you must produce an international health certificate showing you have has a vaccination for Yellow Fever when you visit Uganda or upload it when you apply for an e-visa. Read More

What to pack for a safari to Uganda?

UGANDA SAFARIFind out what to pack for a safari to Uganda. As you plan for things to pack for a trip or your uganda safari packing list, the words light and right should be considered and it all starts with a suitcase, face mask, safari clothes, boots and sandals, sweater, fleece Jacket, sunscreen, travel documents, a negative PCR COVID-19 test, basic first aid kits etc. Read More

What to wear on safari in Uganda?

Find out what to wear on safari in Uganda for a confortable trip. The best clothes for a safari  to uganda should be light waterproof jacket,safari boots, sweater/fleece jacket, sunglasses e.t.c with colours like khaki, greens and light brown. Read More

Where is Uganda? /Where is Uganda on the map of Africa?

UGANDA SAFARIUganda is a country in East Africa. It lies astride the Equator between Longitudes 29 East and 35 East and between Latitudes 4 North and South, at an average altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level. Read More

How do I travel to Uganda? How do I get to Uganda for a safari?

For obvious reasons, the most convenient way of accessing Uganda from Europe, North America, Asia, and South America is by air. Read More

What airlines fly to Uganda?

Best time to visit Uganda. The Best time to go to Uganda for a safari is during dry seasons (December-February, and June-August) but you can travel to Uganda year all round. Find out more about when to go to Uganda. Read More

where to stay when visiting Uganda

If you are looking where to stay when visiting Uganda , here is a list of the best places to stay in Uganda during your visit under budget mid-range and luxury hotels, hostels, lodges, safari camps and campsites.

Uganda, having been a tourist destination for decades, offers different accommodation choices to all travelers. Read More

What language is spoken in Uganda?/What language is mostly spoken in uganda?

what language is spoken in Uganda mostly? English is Uganda’s official language, spoken by most educated people, and it is the most useful language for tourists who vist Uganda.

More than 30 indigenous languages are also spoken in different parts of Uganda like Luganda, Lunyankore, Lusoga, Lutooro e.t.c Read More

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