If you are wondering, how much does it cost to travel to Uganda?/how much does a safari in Uganda cost? is Uganda cheap to travel to? For any traveler intending to visit Uganda, you are advised to get an insight on how much does a trip to Uganda cost?−prior to the actual trip. A safari in Uganda cost (price) is derived from various elements that comprise your Uganda trip itinerary like the cost of tourist activities like permits at 700$, accommodation, car/flight, driver/guide etc. The average minimum price for a 1 day Uganda safari ranges from 200$ to 300$ for one person and the more people the cheaper the cost.

A Uganda safari price/how much does it cost to travel to Uganda?/ a safari in Uganda cost is derived from various elements that comprise your Uganda safari itinerary and these include:-

  1. The activities that you want to do on a safari in Uganda such as:

Therefore you should look at the tourism activities or places to visit to get to know the cost of the Uganda safari.

  1. The accommodation category of choice for your safari in Uganda

How much does it cost to travel to Uganda?

Uganda safari cost also depends on the choice of accommodation. Uganda safari destinations have different accommodation options ranging from Budget, Midrange, to luxury.

  • The cost of a luxury safari lodge in Uganda National Park is around US$300

  • Midrange accommodation cost between US$150-300 and

  • Budget accommodation can be below US$150 for a double room Full board.

  1. Transport cost options for your safari in Uganda

  • Transport cost and getting around in Uganda must be looked at when organizing your Uganda safari. While in Uganda you can take a road trip or fly to or from one destination to another.

When travelling by road, the safari vehicle of choices such as 4X4 Safari Landcruiser or 4X4 Safari Van, affect the cost of your Uganda safari.

  1. The length of your safari in Uganda

  • The length of your Uganda tour is an obvious variable in Uganda safari cost and price because the more a visitor stays in a destination the more he/she spends due to the fact that he/she has to pay for more accommodation, transport and the places to visit.
  • A  traveler who wishes to do a short trip to Uganda is more likely to spend less than the one wishes to take a long one.
  1. Number of the people on a safari

  • The number of people that you are to travel with is−all central to determining the cost of a Uganda Safari.
  • When compared to private tours, group tours are generally cheap.
  • Travelers in a group share costs of accommodation and transport unlike in a private trip where a solo traveler will pay all bills alone.
  • Discounted room services in Uganda safari lodges or Uganda hotels are also possible with group tours, which may not be the case with private tours in Uganda.
  • Your cost of a safari in Uganda will, therefore, be high or low depending on the number of people you will be travelling with.

Note: Uganda Safaris and tours are always customized to the interests of the traveler putting into consideration the areas of interest and the available budget. Therefore popular Uganda safari itinerary range from:

Uganda budget safaris, Uganda mid-range safaris to Uganda luxury safaris depending on the choice of safari package components and all these determine the cost of a safari to Uganda.