Have you been pondering about doing an African safari trip? Well, come with to this African odyssey journey to the pearl of Africa- Uganda. Here are the reasons you just have to undertake this Uganda safari tour.

Enjoy magical moment with the Mountain Gorillas.

Have you ever met the mountain gorillas before? Now a Uganda Safari gives you a moment of a life time as you in a prime position to do a wild Uganda gorilla trekking safari. A visit to Bwindi impenetrable national park Uganda is a wild Uganda gorilla safari adventure as Bwindi is home to 16 gorilla families. These are found in the four sectors of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which are Ruhija with 3 families which are; Orozogo, Bitukura and Kyaguliro. In Buhoma sector there are 4 families which are Habibanja, Rushegura, Mubare and Katwe. Rushaga sector has 6 families which are Nshongi, Bweza, Kahugye, Busigye, Mishaya and Bikiyingi. In Nkuringo sector there are 3 families which are Nkuringo family, Bishaho family and Christmas family.

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Murchison Falls

Checkout “The World’s Most Powerful Waterfall”

A tour Uganda visit to Murchison Falls National Park puts you on a collision course with the dramatic and powerful water of the world Murchison falls. Murchison falls draws its power from the point where the river Nile wrestles through a space of only 7m or 2ft before tumbling 43m or 141ft.  Still within the Murchison falls national park enjoy a wild safari to Uganda game drive and get in position to sight African mammals like the majestic and tall Rothchild’s giraffes, spotted hyenas, and the leopards are always night stalking all over the park. For any birder Murchison falls should be a top of your must to be at destinations as it comes with over 400 bird species including the rare shoe bill stork.

Kyambura Game Reserve Chimpanzee trekking

A Journey to “The Primate Capital of The World”?!!

Come and do either a short Uganda tour or long Uganda safari and pass by the Kibale National Park the remarkable primate capital of the world for the ultimate Uganda chimpanzee trekking safari and get close to a population of 5000 chimpanzee community which is the highest for one place in the entire world. Besides a truly remarkable Uganda chimpanzee trekking tour also immerse yourself a unique Uganda birding safari as Kibale National Park Uganda is home to close 300 bird species including endemic species like the green breasted pitta and the African pitta.

Have you seen the source of the longest river in the world?!!

Have you read about the longest river in the world? Yes, the longest river on the planet river Nile embarks on its 6,650km tremendous journey to the Mediterranean Sea from Uganda. So, when you do a 1-day jinja tour expect a visit to the source of river Nile and this is none other than Lake Victoria which is the biggest in land fresh water lake on the African continent and second largest in the world only behind Lake Superior in north America. River starts its rather interesting African odyssey journey from the northern shores of Lake Victoria. Engage in a multitude of activities on your Jinja day excursion tour such as white water rafting Jinja source of the Nile at Itanda falls, an sunset boat cruise to the Jinja source of the Nile, horse back riding safaris in Jinja source of the Nile, Uganda cycling safaris in Jinja source of the Nile, quad biking safaris Jinja source of the Nile, Uganda birding safaris, or just a Jinja city tour.

Visit The Medley of Wonders”

A Uganda tour to Queen Elizabeth National Park “The Medley Of Wonders”, is a visit to the paradise on earth as you get to encounter some of Africa’s finest wild mammals like the rare tree climbing lions found only in queen Elizabeth Ishasha sector as well as Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania on the entire African savanna. Some of the highlight of your safari Uganda here is a sight of the biggest land mammals the African bush elephants in their  herds, meet the cape buffaloes as well as numerous species. Take a wild boat cruise on the tranquil waters of the kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda On your safari to Uganda, this boat cruise draws you close with the dwellers of these murky waters like the gigantic hippos and the out of the ancient world Nile crocodiles and some of the 600 bird species that roam the skies above the waters of the Kazinga channel.

Have you had of “The Mystical Challenge” while doing a tour in Uganda?

With an altitude of 5109m above sea level, Rwenzori mountain is Africa’s third highest mountain only exceeded by mt Kenya and Kilimanjaro in Kenya and Tanzania respectively. Rwenzori is also home to Africa’s fourth and fifth highest peaks. On MT Stanley block, is peak Margherita which is the highest peak standing proud at an impressive height of 5109m above sea level, and is snowcapped throughout the year. Margherita peak was named by Duke Abruzzi after the Queen Margherita of Italy after his expedition to this splendid peak in 1906. Rwenzori mountain also has many glacial features such as lakes like Lac du Speke, lake bujuku and the kitandara lakes as you climb towards its peaks. These are formed as a result of glaciation and also existence of massive valleys up in the mountain. On a clear day these peaks can be spotted from as far as Kabarole giving you a one of kind and memorable view.

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Take a Day Tour around Kampala city.

Uganda not only has a rich bio diversity in its wildlife but also a rich cultural diversity as this pearl of Africa has over 56 tribes and Kampala city being the capital city is a conglomerate of all these people hence being a truly reflection of Uganda’s cultural diversity. A Kampala city tour gives you an insight into the diverse attractions Kampala city has to offer to you.  On 1-day Kampala city tour experience the Uganda public transport which is an adventure of its own with a visit to the old taxi park and witness the quite nervous wrecking public transport.

Old taxi park: For those of you who come from countries where you have cabs as  taxis used as means of public transport and its only one individual or a pair of friends moving to a particular place that hail it to take them to their destination… well, you need to come to Uganda and a 1 day Kampala city excursion and see our version of taxis! trust me, it will be worth of your time. For starters let me try to shade light on what we Ugandans call taxi. This is a fourteen-seater van which is used by the general public to commute from one place to another. These taxis are managed by two people i.e. a driver and a taxi tout who we normally call the conductor. The principle job of this conductor is to call for people going to a particular destination to board his taxi, he also solicits for the transport fares from the onboard passengers before they get to their destinations. While using Ugandan taxis, there are no fixed fares as the fares are determined by the demand and availability of passengers and travel hours…. You can easily board a taxi for 1000ugx as transport fare from one point to another and after just an hour the same taxi demands 2500ugx to take you still to the same destination. Now that’s where the old taxi park comes in, now imagine a swarm of these vans parked in one place with their conductors shouting all names of places within and outside the city, that’s the old taxi park right there… I tell you it’s an absolute frenzy and chaos when you come here, but don’t feel sorry for us cause that’s the way we like it! This taxi park is located in the valley between Nakasero and Old Kampala hill.

Grab and bite a rolex!!….

While on a Uganda trip, you will understand why Ugandans have never won a rolex but rather can eat one. On your Uganda day excursions, if you are not a fussy feeder take a moment and enjoy Uganda’s biggest fast food delight which is a nicely crafted rolex. A rolex is made of an omellete with fried onions, green pepper and cabbage and raw tomato slices rolled together a freshly pan baked chapati. Trust me when I say that this road side stall food delight gives KFC a run for its money in Uganda but you don’t have to take my word for it, you’ve just got to taste it to believe it.

With all this and more expect nothing else but a truly exciting and remarkable Uganda tour adventure as you get the see the best of Uganda.

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