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Uganda Safari Travel Information


Requirements for travelling to Uganda

Visas for Uganda– do you need a visa to enter Uganda for a tour:  Uganda entry, exit and visa requirements


Any world traveler interested in a Uganda tour is required to be in possession of a valid passport issued by the respective country of origin. Uganda immigration Authorities requires that the passport copy should be 6 months valid and must have at least one page where the stamp can be put.

Regarding the citizens of the East African Community, it can be noted that they do not require passports to enter Uganda.  They can travel under the admissible temporary document and use their national identification cards for identification.

Visa; where to get Uganda Visa? Do I need to buy Visa to Uganda?


Uganda is one of those countries that apply the reciprocal Visa Programme where by nationals of countries that do not request Ugandan citizens to buy Visa are also allowed to enter into Uganda for free and vice versa.

Uganda Visa can be obtained at the arrival desk at Entebbe International Airport at USD100 per Visa as per the fees revision that took effect on July 1st 2015. The Uganda Visa can also be secured at other land border posts of the country like Malaba, Busia, Lwakhakha, Suam river, Mbale for Kenya; Oraba, Atyak, Afugi, Gulu, Madiyope/Madi Opei (Mosingo) , Madiyope/Madi Opei(Tseretenya) for South Sudan; Mpondwe, Ntoroko, Butogota, Ishasha, Bunagana, Goli, Paidha, Vurra, Lia, Arua and Bunagana (Busonga) for Democratic Republic of Congo; Bunagana (Bunagana), Katuna (Gatuna), Mirama hills (Kagitumba), Chanika ( Ruhengeri) to Bunagana in DRC, Kamwezi (Buziba) and Rwempesha (Kizinga) for Rwanda.

The Uganda Visa can also be secured from the local Ugandan consulate / Embassy in the country of Origin.

The Uganda Tourist Visa costs $100 for the nonresident foreigners while the resident foreigners i.e. those that live in the East African community in possession of a varied work permit is waived of the Visa fees with in the northern corridor states which Uganda is among.

Visa Exemption; who is not supposed to pay for Uganda Visa? Am i exempted from buying visa to Uganda?

Uganda exempts the nationals of the following countries from buying her Visa. These are in three categories;

The first group comprises of countries under the East African community arrangement namely; Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya

The second group comprises of countries under the COMESA arrangement namely; Angola, Eritrea, Madagascar, Seychelles, Swaziland, Zambia, Comoros, Kenya, Mauritius and Zimbabwe.

The third group comprises of other friendly countries including; Antigua, Barbados, Fiji, Grenada, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, The Grenadines, Vanuatu, Ghana, Cyprus, Bahamas, Belize, Gambia, Jamaica, Malta, Singapore and St. Vincent-Tonga.

By exemption, it means that the nationals can travel to Uganda without applying for Visa.

Visa Duration: Howe long the Uganda visa last? How long can i stay on tour in Uganda with my Tourist Visa?

The Uganda Tourist Visa lasts for 3 months – 90 days and is only limited to leisure and recreation and visiting friends and family other than work.

Vaccination: Which Vaccination do i need to take when planning a Uganda tour?

Uganda requires that you get vaccinated against Yellow fever and a proof of yellow fever certificate is always presented as a must upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport.

You can always check on Uganda Immigration website for any update regarding Uganda travel information http://immigration.go.ug/

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