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Uganda safaris to hit four million tourists by 2020 – Uganda safari news

Uganda is known to be the Pearl of Africa. It is a very rich country with many tourism sites and destinations. Uganda as a Uganda safari destination has greatly embarked on marketing and promoting of the tourism sector in Uganda which is currently at 1.3 million tourists.

Ephraim Kamuntu the minister or tourism in Uganda is continuously running a campaign to encourage the Tourist Operators, Tour Agencies, Tourism sites and many other tourism cooperation’s to boost the sector to has a raise in the number visitors who come to Uganda.

Tourism as a whole has quite a number of small branches. To mention but a few cultural tours, religious tours, educational tours, leisure tours among others. Tourists who come for safari tours in Uganda usually experience the categories outlined above.

Tourism sites should be enriched and made more attractive in order to leave our visitors hearts astonished and willing to make journeys back at opportune times. But this can be done through the use of social medias like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, p-interest and many others. Making use of electronic medias, print medias and the press as well.

After attending a tourism exhibition in Berlin Germany, the tourism minister Ephraim Kamuntu noted that Uganda was given an award of being the fifth among the African countries. It performed better than the previous year when it was ranked 10th.

Uganda safari tours can be boosted through developing patriotism for the nation which begins with the natives. Because tourism is all about attracting people to different places in form of tours, safaris ventures and holidays. This can be done through maintaining and ranking the most frequented attractions. For example many tourists are interested in gorillas. So they do come for Uganda gorilla safaris.

Improving the tourism sector means elevating the beauty of tourism sites, increasing the employment scope, increasing accommodation facilities etc. imagine the tourism sector contributes 10% to the GDP which increases foreign exchange and revenue into the country.

Article by Prime Uganda safaris and tours Ltd

Uganda safaris should hit four million tourists by 2020 – Uganda safari news.


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