Birding Safaris in Uganda

1 Day Mabamba Swamp Birding Excursion shoebill-stork -safaris
The 1 Day Mabamba Birding Excursion is a whole birding that is suitable for a day break from the towns of Kampala and Entebbe. The day excursion commences and ends in Kampala presenting a whole day magical experience with the swamp environment on the shores of Lake Victoria sheltering counts of birds including the Vulnerable and rare shoebill stork. The swamp dwelling sitatunga is also present. The famous Mabamba swamp presents an impressive birding experience on canoe. …
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Uganda Birding Safari, Kampala and Lake Mburo 7 days
birds in Uganda
The 7 Days Uganda Birding Safari in Kampala and Lake Mburo allows you to explore the section of Uganda’s birds that can be easily reached from Kampala. Uganda supports 11% of the world population of bird species and 50% of the African continent bird species. Uganda has 1057 Species. Therefore, undertaking a 7 Day birding safari in Entebbe Wildlife Education Center, the Lutembe bay where migratory birds tend to gather …
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Uganda Birding Safari, 14 Days
The Uganda Birding Safari 14 Days takes you to the prominent birding sites of Uganda featuring the forest, savannah and water habitats. The birding safari takes you to the Semliki National Park, Kibale National Park, Bigodi wetland Sanctuary, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Lake Mburo National Park and Mabamba swamp. It features among others the vulnerable and the rare shoebill stork, the Albertine rift endemics among other Uganda Specials …
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Uganda Bird watching Tour, 21 Days
grey crowned cranes
The 21 Days takes you to Mabira forest with 312 species, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary with 250 bird species, Budongo forest with over 360 species of birds including the endemic Yellow footed fly catcher and Illadopsis Puvelli, Murchison Falls National Park with 451 species of birds with sights of rare Shoe bill Stork, Kibale National Park with 375 species of birds with the endemic Kibale ground thrush, Bigodi wetland Sanctuary with 138 bird species …
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