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Cultural Safaris in Uganda, Uganda culture safari, African culture tour Uganda

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Cultural Safaris in Uganda, Uganda culture safari, African culture tour Uganda

Cultural Safaris in Uganda / Cultural Tours in Uganda. A Uganda Cultural Safari to the culture rich Uganda is a perfect African cultural safari tour.

Cultural Safaris in Uganda are agreat Uganda Safari component because Uganda is a culturally diverse country with a count of 65 tribal groups as per the amended constitution of Uganda 2005.A Uganda cultural safari will take you to some ome of these tribes in Uganda with closely related cultures while others are far part presenting as a rich cultural diversity as shall be seen as explored on cultural safaris in Uganda.

Uganda thrived with both centralized monarchical kingdoms and chiefdoms in the pre-colonial era and though the colonial era disorganized this ancient setting, this heritage has been revived overtime with some areas like Buganda, Bunyoro and Tooro regaining their established monarchs and other chiefdoms like the northern tribes of Acholi regaining their status and working to revive their glory.

The once powerful kingdoms which are now defunct like Mpororo and Ankole where the Kingdom restoration has been delayed for long still feature great sites of cultural and heritage significance whose exploration is vital for Uganda cultural safari experience.

Uganda Cultural Safari tours are famous in Uganda since Uganda boasts of a lot of interesting ancient history that has been at center of international archeology. The Bachwezi people who are believed to have been semigods because of their super natural powers depicted in remarkable works that they performed including building of earth work enclosures like those of Ntusi, the underground tunnels like the Akariza Ngumba K’ Kyabagyenyi and more so the famous long horned cattle that are apparently kept by the Banyankole of Ankole Uganda and the Tutsi people of Rwanda.

Cultural safaris in Uganda allow you to explore these diverse traditions cutting across the northern tribes and the southern tribes which are separated by the Kyoga Lake though these people are increasingly getting interconnected by the interaction brought about by trade and working together.

The Acholi and the Langi dominate the northern tribes with the extension of the Karimojong, Pokot and the Dodoth in the north east and the Alur and the Lugbar in the North West. The Eastern tribes include the Bagisu with their Imbalu ceremony where boys transit to manhood through circumcision, the Sabiny with their female genital mutilation though it no longer existing and the Ndorobo and the Benet.

The Basoga with their BwaKyabazinga monarchy and the Baganda with their established Kingdom featuring a range of heritage sites including Kasubi tombs which is a world heritage site as proclaimed by UNESCO presents rich cultural encounters in central Uganda.  The western region feature established Kingdoms of Bunyoro, Tooro and Ankole though it has not yet been restored. The tribal groups of the Banyankole with their famous long horned cattle, the Batwa the former forest dwellers and the Bakiga that cultivate the steep hills of Kigezi present rich encounters in the south west of Uganda. All these combine to make cultural safaris in Uganda a remarkable tourism resource worth undertaking.

kasubi-royal-tombsThe 3 Days encounter allows you to explore the ancient Kingdom of Buganda with its magical cultural sites like the Kabaka’s Lake, the Kasubi Tombs, the Kabaka’s Palace, Naggalabi Coronation Site and the Wamala tombs along the Ssezibwa falls, the national heritage and cultural sites like the Uganda National Museum not forgetting the magical Kagulu hill in Busoga… More

gorilla safari in UgandaThe safari involves a game walking safari in Lake Mburo National Park where the travellers can explore the Rothschild Giraffes among others, whole day experience with the Banyankole community exploring the Ankole long horned cattle and its practices, the crop growing and extensive Banana plantations, the 1520AD eclipse monument… More

nakiyima-tree-buganda-cultural-tour The tour explores the Nakayima heritage tree in Mubende, the Amabere g’ Nnyinamwiru Caves which are breast like features believed to be dating back to the Bachwezi era, the Fort Portal Crater lake field, the Nshenyi Cultural village exploring the Banyankole Culture including great time with the beautiful Ankole long horned cattle, the Batwa heritage trail in Mgahinga… More

karamajonga-tour It is an exciting experience to explore the Imbalu heritage of the Bagisu people, the heritage of Buganda Kingdom including the Kasubi tomb which is a world heritage site, the King’s Palace, the King’s Lake which is manmade, the Naggalabi Coronation site, Wamala tombs and Ssezibwa falls. The safari features the Acholi Culture, the pastoralist Karimojong culture… More

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