Fishing Safaris in Uganda, Uganda fishing safari tour on Lake Victoria, Murchison Falls National Park, Jinja River Nile, Lake Mburo

Sport fishing safari tours in Uganda and general fishing safari tours on Lake Victoria, Murchison Falls National Park, Jinja River Nile and Lake Mburo is very famous because Uganda in  is a water rich country with 25% of its surface under water. The country features a myriad of lakes including Lake Victoria which stands as the largest in Uganda and Africa in large and the second largest in the world with fresh waters and the largest tropical lake in the world, Lake Kyoga in the Central Uganda, Lake George, Lake Edward, Lake Albert, Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Mburo. There are also counts of Rivers including River Nile which is the longest in Uganda and the world, River Katonga, River Kafu, River Rwizi and River Aswa.  The myriad of wetlands and swamps all combine to present a rich habitat for fish in Uganda which form the basis for fishing safaris in Uganda.

The fishing safaris in Uganda allow you to join the dedicated team of local fishermen who have been practicing fishing not only for their subsistence survival but also for economic purposes. The local methods included use of traditional gears including the arrows, spears, fish pots, hand capture in shallow waters and the fish poisoning with the allocation local herbs and this activity was majorly for people that lived close to the water bodies.

The colonial era saw the transformation in the fishing practices in Uganda with the introduction of Japanese nylon gillnets in the mid-1950s and the introduction of the new fish species like the Nile Perch which increased the fish production by six times in the period of 30 years increasing from 60,000 tons in the year 1961 to 245,000 tons in the year 1990.

The fishing safaris in Uganda expose you to the popular fishing spots in the country including Lake Victoria including its Ssese Islands, River Nile both at Jinja and in Murchison Falls National Park. Other organized fishing extensions for Uganda fishing safari are carried out in Lake Mburo National Park.

The fishing methods used are modern to promote safety and ensure sustainable fishing practices. The fishing for example at Murchison Falls National Park involves use of live bait and casting lures and the great fish including the Nile perch and cat fish species can be caught using these means.

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