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The fascinating old-age Shoebill stork in Uganda safaris

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It’s quite an amusing fact that the shoebill is a very exclusive ancient appearing bird. Its one of the most sought-after birds in Africa and Uganda particularly. Not only do people who travel to Uganda for Uganda birding safari activities enjoy bird watching, but they also get the privilege to go for gorilla trekking safari tours as well.

Uganda as a pearl of Africa is known to be a home of variety of birds and wildlife. On a Uganda safari holiday, you can find chimpanzees, monkeys, mountain gorillas, tree climbing lions among others. Amongst all these attractions in Uganda, bird watching is another big center of attraction having the Shoe bill stork in specific.

Brief talk about the Shoebill stork

Have you ever imagined the shoebill stork could be extinct! There are about 1000 shoebill’s left in Uganda today. Unfortunately, their habitats are stormed by fishermen who hunt them with a belief of them being a bad omen. The shoebill is a very outstanding bird with a shoe shaped bill. It’s fascinating because the Arabs call it the “Abu Maruk” meaning father of the shoe.

The Shoebill’s diet

The whale-headed stork survives on food in the water. It feeds on lungfish, frogs, lizards, water snakes, baby crocodiles and puddle fish. It can manage to feed on these items because it has a sharp wide bill. The Shoe bill is a nocturnal. It doesn’t have webbed feet but furtively catches their prey in water.

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Above is an image of a shoebill after a hunt of lungfish in its mouth. picture by Uganda birding safaris.


The female shoebill usually lays two eggs. It makes a nest on the ground where its eggs hatch from. Both the female shoebill and male shoebill share incubation duties. After a period of one month, the eggs hatch and their mother feeds them for 1-2 months until they adapt to feeding themselves.

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Above is an image of a shoebill mother close to her nest. picture by Uganda birding safaris.

Did you know?

The shoebill is a solitary bird that can leave for 45-50 or more years. They are sluggish birds on ground and tend to act like statues because they stand still for long times. These birds have a wide wing span to enable them beautifully fly in the air.

If you are a passionate person who is intrigued to take part in a gorilla tour, you can always visit different places. Such as Queen Elizabeth National Park and in a country such as Congo for Congo gorilla tours. Besides bird watching in this park, you can also pick interest in Kyambura George, where you get to see different playful chimpanzee’s and many other breath taking wildlife. You can as well find the shoebill stork at  Lake Mburo National Park and Mabamba swamp close to Entebbe.

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The fascinating old-age Shoebill stork in Uganda safaris – Uganda safari news.



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