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Uganda security tightened for tourist’s safety-Uganda safari News

security personnel ugandaUganda is one of the top tourism destination countries that therefore attract many people to come for Uganda safaris. Uganda therefore has to be developed so as to provide better services to the tourists while on their safaris in Uganda. Political stability and peace should be the first priority of the country so as tourists are always happy and comfortable.

However terrorist activities have been registered in the country which problem has to be solved if Uganda needs to push further the tourism sector and also have more Uganda safaris. The Uganda police have therefore tightened security in all corners of the country so as to fight any form of terrorism act. This will help make Uganda a better place to live in thus attracting many tourists for Uganda safari.

Strict laws by the Uganda police have been put in place and have been announced by the Police spokesman Fred Enanga. He said that all public places where local people and tourists have their leisure time from should have enough security and if not that they will be banned. This will therefore help provide enough security hence attract many tourists to come for safaris to Uganda and enjoy the beauty of the country.

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