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Uganda set to host Pope Francis in November – Uganda safari news

The pope Francis who is the current reining pope of the Catholic Church in the world is set undertake a safari to Uganda in November this year. The visiting of the pope will make Uganda a gifted country which would have hosted the three popes unlike other African countries.
The visit of the current pope follows the visit of the Pope John Paul in 1993 and Pope Paul VI in 1969. This is seen as a great moment that Uganda will include among its best treasured moments in history. The visit of the pope would definitely attract other travelers to take safaris in Uganda to be part of the visit.
Noting at the Third World’s Priests’ Retreat in the St. John Lateran Basilica, the pope mentioned that he would be in Central African Republic a and then Uganda if God is willing. He mentioned this in response to the African clergy query of his plans to pay visit to Africa. Though he also expressed the interest of extending to Kenya, he noted that the organizational challenges are still on his way to make that extension.
Uganda is worldly re-known for the Uganda Martyrs who offered their lives for the sake of religion. A total of 45 Ugandans were put to death because of their failure to denounce the new religion. The 22 of these were Catholics while the remaining were Anglicans. These people are celebrated every year on June 3rd and this year a count of 3 million people are noted to have participated in this festival including those that were on Uganda safaris and tours.
The catholic saints were canonized on 18th October 1963 while for Anglicans, the plans are underway for the church of Uganda to mark the Golden Anniversary Celebration with the canonization of the 22 saints.
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