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Uganda to boost tourism from East African Community integration- Uganda Safaris & Tours


Uganda which is a member of East African Community is to benefit from the integration that is going on through increasing its safaris to the country, and this will help it to boost its tourism sector.

The minister of Tourism in Uganda said that this integration is to improve safaris to Uganda since all the other East African countries will continue to market Uganda as a tourist destination and thus many visitors will be able to come to Uganda for tour visits.

The number of tourists from all the East African Countries; like Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi who come to Uganda is bound to increase and hence Ugandan safaris will be high as a result of the regional integration.

As a result of the integration, all the East African countries’ nationals will be allowed to enter any east African country freely with only the identity card. This is because all the restrictions will be removed to the movement of tourists hence increasing safaris in Uganda. The implantation of a single visa will also be a good start for the development of the tourism sector in all the East African countries.Uganda is expecting annual growth in the number of tourists both international and domestic; the tourism sector is expected to increase its revenues from the increasing number of tourists. This will help to improve safari visits with in the country.Ugandans are more aware of tourism, and this was not the same in the past since tourism was known to be for international tourists. The locals of Uganda now play an important role in the tourism sector through participating in domestic safaris especially to the National Parks.

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