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Uganda to host Art Festival in August-Uganda safaris News

Uganda is going to host an Art Festival in Kampala which is going to expose the art crafts in Uganda and this will attract very many safaris to Uganda. Tourists on their Uganda safaris will have the chance to see the creativity in the Africa using their local resources in Uganda to make attractive things therefore making Uganda really the pearl of Africa.

The festival has been organized by the Kampala Arts Trust together with Uganda Tourism Board and this will take place on the 1st of August to the 31st of the same month. This is under the theme Progressive Africa which is going to educate very many people to be creative including the tourists on their Uganda safari. This will make tourists get back to their countries with a piece of knowledge about art therefore attracting them to come for more safaris to Uganda.

There are different people who are willing to participate in this festival including the writers, photographers, painters, cartoonists and many professional media artists who will expose different art style. This will sow our tourists on their safari tours in Uganda the true African art styles therefore having the best time while on their safari visits in Uganda.

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