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Uganda to promote Domestic Tourism- Uganda Safaris

rhinos uganda safarisDomestic tourism is one of the main factors which have contributed to Uganda safaris though it has been neglected by the tourism sector. Uganda Wildlife Authority, a body responsible for marketing Uganda as a tourist destination has mainly focused on marketing Uganda to the outside world instead of encouraging domestic tourism as well.

The minister of tourism, Hon. Maria. Mutagamba discovered that domestic tourism has been left out in Uganda; this is because the people have not been informed about the importance of tourism in the country. This has greatly affected tour visits or safaris to Uganda, since tourism only depends on international tourism.

In order to promote domestic tourism in Uganda, The ministry needs to put much emphasis on the events which take place in the country so that people of Uganda can also participate hence encouraging domestic tourism. These events can include; the coronation events which honour culture and traditions and many other events. These can help in increasing on the revenues generated from safaris to Uganda.

The minister emphasised the launch of Domestic Tourism Drive which will help to initiate the development of domestic tourism in Uganda. The tourism industry doesn’t flourish thus the reason why domestic support is required. This program has also come up because of the fact that there is increased reduction in the number of visitors and numerous cancellations by foreign visitors due to the recent reinstatement of 18% VAT on several tourism inputs which means the domestic market is needed to help the limping industry.

Domestic tourism in Uganda can develop highly since there are enough attractions that can be visited by the Ugandan citizens in order to promote Ugandan safaris. These include Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which encourages gorilla trekking safaris, chimpanzees which are found in Kibale National Park, viewing of wildlife in most Ugandan national parks, boat cruises which are carried out on many water bodies on Uganda and many more attractions.

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