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Uganda to promote Domestic tourism – Uganda safaris News

mountain gorillas in ugandaUganda has a lot of domestic attractions although they are not marketed by the local people. However these can promote more Uganda safaris if they are marketed. These include the traditional dances in different sectors. The Maganda dance of the baganda, masoga dance of the basoga, Kinyankole dance of the banyankole and so many others. These perform different kinds of dances which make tourists on safari visits happy.

The traditional wear of the Ugandans can also be marketed since tourists like putting it on while on their safaris in Uganda. These include the gomesi which is a lengthy cloth with short sleeves for baganda women and Kanzus which are also lengthy and only in color white and cream for baganda men and usually put on trousers inside, the mushanana for banyankole. Tourists on safari tours in Uganda enjoy seeing Ugandans put on their traditional wears.

The local food in Uganda should also be marketed because whenever tourists taste it they feel they are Ugandan and therefore this makes them happy while on their safari visits in Uganda. The local food includes the famous Matooke which if not served on your dish then that dish is not considered Ugandan dish. There is the Luwombo dish which is made in banana fibres and makes one feel Ugandan. Besides that there are irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, yams, cassava, beans, g. nuts and so many others.

 Besides that there are many local things to be marketed in Uganda so as to attract many Uganda safaris. These include the local language that is Luganda which many people get to pick up as they come to Uganda however the official language is English.

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