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Uganda to promote tourism sustainability-Uganda safaris

tourists having fun in ugandaSustainable tourism in Uganda is one of the factors which have helped to increase Uganda safaris to Uganda. The Ugandan government has greatly helped in putting in place many policies which have helped in promoting sustainable tourism in Uganda. These policies include; promoting good environmental practices, engaging the communities in sustainable tourism development and limiting damage by the tourists.

Tourism sustainability in Uganda is to be promoted through encouraging ecotourism especially in tourist destinations like national parks. Eco tourism is the act of promoting tourism without damaging the environment. This practice will help to control the damage of tourism activities on the environment hence promoting sustainable tourism.

Engaging the local communities in conserving the environment will help in promoting sustainable tourism. Once the management decides to involve the local people in tourism development, this will help in informing the local people that they are also part of the practice of developing tourism hence conserving and preserving the environment and its resources for tourism development . This will help in attracting more tourists to come for safaris in Uganda.

Through creating awareness about sustainable tourism to the surrounding community in order to inform them about the benefits of tourism development in an area. This will help in controlling the effects of the local community to the environment.

Once sustainable tourism is enforced in Uganda, more tourists will be encouraged to visit to Uganda which will help in developing the tourism sector.

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