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Uganda to protect its wildlife in order to promote tourism-Uganda safari News

tree climbing lionsUganda Wildlife authority has to protect the wildlife since it can easily face extinction than expected, this therefore needs to be conservation and preservation models which can be used to help the animals from decreasing in numbers, and this is mainly because this will affect the number of safari visits with in the country. The conservationists have to come up to help in maintaining and protecting the wildlife species.

The national parks and game reserves need to be well managed in order to help in conserving these animals, this should be mainly focused on the mountain gorillas since many of them are endangered species and they need to be conserved and preserved. This will help in increasing gorilla trekking safaris with in the country and also increased revenues to the tourism sector.

Many animals have been killed especially the elephants and these have been mainly killed for ivory. This has affected the tourism sector since there has been a decrease in the number of safari tours to Uganda.  The rate at which the animals are being killed is so high and there needs to be high conservation and preservation prospects which need to be done in order to control the killing.

The most affected animals are the lions in Queen Elizabeth national park, and these have reduced by 80% and these are mainly followed by the ostriches which are found all over the country and these have reduced by 78%, this has greatly affected the birders, the zebras have also reduced followed by the kobs and many others which have not been recorded. However, this has affected the safari visits with in the country. The wildlife needs to conserve since they have contributed high revenues to the country.

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