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Uganda to Resolve Tour Operations Issues-Uganda safari News

tree climbing lionsThe tour operators and the tourism ministers had a meeting so as to resolve issues concerning tour operations in Uganda. This has helped to market the tourism sector since improvements have been registered. The tour operators discussed about marketing the tourism sector which helps to provide enough information to the tourists who come for safaris to Uganda so as they get to know where, when, how and what to find as they come to visit Uganda.

The tour operators also talked about improving the hotels and lodges in Uganda. This is especially about the hotels and lodges near the National Parks where clients stay as they come for safaris in Uganda. The places are to be upgraded, clean up the lavatories and everything around the hotels. This will ensure good health and safety of the clients.   

The tourism board also mentioned about improving the roads in Uganda especially those to the National parks, lodges and hotels. This will therefore help provide easy transport and control accidents, dust and potholes hence increasing the number of tours to Uganda therefore improving the tourism sector.

The tourism sector also discussed about improving the customer care especially in the hotels and National parks. This will help improve the services given to the visitors in Uganda hence helping in attracting more tourists to safari Uganda

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