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Uganda to restock the black rhinoceros in wildlife reserves

rhinosThe black Rhinoceros just like white Rhinoceros are species of Rhinos which thrived in Uganda until early 1980s and attracted considerable number of world travelers to undertake safaris to Uganda to encounter them in their natural habitats.
Following the unstable political situation in Uganda in the years of 1970s and 80s which have considerable adverse effects even on conservation, the country has embarked on the vigorous conservation development to ensure the Species regeneration and restocking those that had faced unfortunate extinction from the Uganda safari sites.
The white Rhinos saw themselves getting re-introduced in the year 2005 and are now settled at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary under the breed and re-stock programme waiting to be re-introduced in the wilderness of the adjacent Murchison Falls National Park one of the famous sites encountered by travelers on safaris in Uganda
The Uganda Wildlife Authority that is charged with management of Uganda’s wildlife hinted on the plans to re-stock the black Rhinos in the wildlife Reserves. While drafting National Rhino Strategy, the UWA chief Dr. Andrew Seguya demonstrated his sympathy to the country which lost about 400 black Rhinos and about 300 white Rhinos in the savannah rolling landscapes of Murchison Falls and Kidepo Valley National before the political structure broke down in Uganda. This was during the ten (10) year National Rhino Strategy formulation conference held in the city of Kampala.
The Tourism Minister also affirmed the cause to formulate and implement the plans for protection and re-stocking of rare, endemic, threatened, extinct and endangered Species. This will target among others the Shoe-bill and Crested Crane which are among the most sought after birds on birding safari in Uganda. The Minister also highlighted the enactment of the Uganda Wildlife Policy last year aiming at managing and developing the ecosystems and wildlife resources sustainably in Uganda.

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