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Uganda to revive tourism in Northern Uganda

Tourkids in northern uganda dancingism in northern Uganda has not been well developed due to the wars which have been happening in that region. This has greatly affected Uganda safaris since many tourists who would want to visit the northern part of Uganda.

But because of the love for tourism in Uganda, the tourist activities in the northern part of Uganda are to be revived which is to help in increasing the safaris to Uganda, hence increasing the revenues of the country and also developing the tourism sector in Uganda.

The tourism potentials in the region are so high and this has attracted many people to visit the place which has helped in increasing safaris in Uganda. One of the major tourist attractions is Kidepo national park which has got many wildlife and plant species as well as vegetation which has kept on attracting more visitors to the region.

Another major tourist attraction is the culture of the people of the north; they have a unique type of culture which is loved by the many tourists who travel to Uganda. They are interested in the way of life of the northern people and also their historical background. This culture has greatly attracted many safari tours to the northern Uganda.

Uganda Tourism Board has got plans of renovating the cultural and historical sites in the region so that they can be promoted for tourism development in the country. These sites include; Patiko, Wadelai, Arua falls, the trails have also been attracting tourists to come to Uganda; these include Sir Samuel baker historical site and also the birth place of 1972 Olympic Gold Medalist John Akibua in Abako Village. All these sites have helped in increasing safaris in Uganda.




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