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Uganda tour operators to be given bonus gorilla permits

gorilla permitThe Tour operators in Uganda who are noted to be playing a significant role in arranging packages for travelers to undertake safaris in Uganda are in the joyous mood after securing a deal with the Uganda Wildlife Authority that will see them have bonus Uganda gorilla trekking permits.
In the bid to stimulate the gorilla permit sales, a memorandum of Understanding has been signed between Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Association of Uganda Tour Operators headed by Dr. Andrew Seguya and Barbra Adoso respectively. This MOU is aimed at stimulating the sales of the permits used to trek gorillas on Uganda gorilla safaris for the nonresident foreign travelers for a period of three (3) years.
By realizing that Uganda requires adequate market for its Uganda safari products on the international scene, the UWA Chief Andrew thought it wise to bring on board the private sector. Therefore the memorandum of Association is targeting the enhancement of cooperation that will see the gorilla tourism developed by engaging in well-defined strategies and activities jointly including marketing gorilla tourism product as the best experience and the national parks where mountain gorillas thrive as the best destinations both at region and international level that will in turn enhance the gorilla safaris in Uganda
The Member of Association of Uganda Tour Operators will do the product marketing as usual where they buy the gorilla permits from Uganda Wildlife Authority and then resell them to the clients from various places of the world at the existing rates. And in return, the signed memorandum of Understanding enables any tour operator that would have accumulated to 30 gorilla permits purchase to be rewarded with a free gorilla permit as a bonus.
However, the tour operators are required just to pay the taxes and meet the local community contribution from the revenue that they would have made from the sale of the complimentary gorilla permit as UWA has been doing.
Considering the fact that Uganda contains close to a half of mountain gorilla populations that are currently thriving in the world, the new initiative if the agents buy into it, will enhance the tourism revenue that Uganda earns from gorilla tourism
Apparently, the gorilla permit in Uganda stands at $600 for the non-resident foreigners and with twelve (12) habituated gorilla permits in Bwindi and one (1) in Mgahinga, Uganda features 104 gorilla permits on a single day.

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