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Uganda Tourism Board Gets a New Supervisor-Uganda safari News

elephants wildlife safarisin ugandaAn early search has it that Uganda Tourism panel got an increase. a short time back when the Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage, established Mr. Stephen Asiimwe as the new executive director with the aim of having more safari visits. Mr. Cuthbert Baguma who has been in the control of the Uganda’s premier tourism sponsorship organization for a moment has been replaced for better Uganda safaris.To have more tours in Uganda the new executive director will be deputized by Mr. John Ssempebwa who jointly the double act, will endavour to guide about the growing and strong rich tourism.

Mr. Asiimwe has been the Managing Director and Editor in Chief of the East African Business Week Newspaper that work in some countries.He brings a wealthy knowledge management, consultancy in different areas, marketing, human resource, journalism and management of professional’s hence promoting safaris in Uganda

In a discussion, a delighted Mr. Asiimwe asked to support conjugal tourism and promote limited investors to insert their capital into tourism to re-establish Uganda as a preferred tourism intention there by promoting safari visits. The new executive director said Tourism is a leading foreign exchange earner for Uganda. There is much to present as Uganda but the country has been within and outwardly soundless hence making Uganda safaris backward.

 According to MR. Asiimwe the latest panel desires to make sure that tourism contributes the  uppermost foreign exchange earning to the country, boost jobs and also make sure it promotes communal renovation in the Nation for further tours in Uganda. He also explained that although there are recognized achievements noted for years, much requires to be completed to brand, advertise and publish the Uganda’s tourism prospective and uplifting internal tourism. This will help increase visits in Uganda.

 Mr. Asiimwe and the colleagues have put more emphasis on attracting speculations in tourism from narrow production individuals and to appoint government to fritter much on tourism which will help increase safaris in Uganda.He confidently mentioned that as compared to other African countries Uganda spends less on tourism yet the receipts are vast. It is the priority for the team and the board so as to promote better Uganda safaris.

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