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Uganda tourism stabbed by increased tax rates-Uganda safari News

gorillasThere is a quick plan to ensure the rejuvenated plan to smack the tourism sector a total of 18 percent VAT in consideration of accommodation, infrastructure and others. The deliberate increase in the tax together with this will increase the price of tourism products of Uganda therefore developing Uganda and the tourism sector and also increase the number of safari visits.

Due to the earlier signed and passed bill of anti- gay and anti-miniskirts, there are many countries which disagree with this and therefore many of the countries are not willing to support us with their funds as they used to. Because of this the government has increased tax to earn much from tourism so as to help the country sustain through the difficult time. This will help boost tourism hence promoting more safaris to Uganda.

If the tourism sector is developed there will be a lot of revenues collected which will help improve the infrastructure such as roads, hotels, lodges, hospitals, schools and so many others. It will also help increase economic growth hence creating employment opportunities so as to fight poverty in Uganda. This will make Uganda a tourist destination hence promoting more tours to Uganda.

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