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Uganda Tourism stake holders to benefit from EAC- Prime Uganda Safaris

eaccEast African Community is said to benefit the tourism stakeholders in East Africa since this will enhance tourism activities in the specific member countries. This is because marketing and promoting of the tourism products will become simple and easy to all the east African members which will help to increase safaris to Uganda.
This is a good opportunity for Uganda safaris since this will create stability and also opens up the region to the outside world which will be through a strong economy; this will be able to happen since all the countries of East Africa will create easy movement of member states’ tourists hence increase in tourist visits.
More so, the introduction of a single visa will help to promote easy movement from one country to another which will help to increase both domestic and regional tourism in Uganda. This in return will help to increase safaris in Uganda.
The commitment of all the EAC countries is to help allow their people to use their identity cards while crossing the borders and the air travel within the member states so as to promote regional tourism, this will benefit Uganda since the number of tourists will increase hence improving Ugandan safaris.
Tourism stake holders are going to benefit since they are going to be free to move their tourists from one country to another, this is because all restrictions will be removed and this will help to increase the revenue of the country and also to promote safaris in the country hence development of the tourism sector.
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