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Traveling with children on a plane whether it’s the first time or several times presents some travel concerns . Here are some flight tips for people traveling with children.
Avoid traveling with a child under three months of age – air quality has become a major concern and very young children are more susceptible to infections .Book seats as early as possible , as for seats near the wash room or bulkhead. get a window seat .
Normally the Space is limited in what you can bring with you , so pack carefully.

Tell your children what to expect, what you expect of them and to respect the other people.Do not let them kick other seats.
On the plane, Dress comfortably and take an extra change of clothes for each kid . If you are flying to a warm destination put shorts and t-shirt and vise versa

Supervise your children when using washrooms on the air plane and the airport.
With older kids, give them a watch with a timer so that they can time the flight and calculate how much time is left.
Seriously consider purchasing a seat for children under two years of age ,even if the air line doesnot require a seat and if you buy a seat and or your kid is under five , consider taking a car seat.

Ask attendant if the air line offers any surprises for kids.
Some air lines offer skycots that can be used in the bulkhead.They will fit infants up to 20 pounds and 28 inches in length. If you want some one , book it well in advance,however, we recommend a car seat as they are much safer and you dont need to disturb your child for landing until necessary.

Take walks through the plane to relieve boredom.

Ask for a drink for the kids about a half an hour before landing and then hit the washrooms

To help avoid pain in children’s ears from air pressure , have children drink or chew during take off and landing , or have small children eat crackers.

January 17th, 2018|Uganda Travel Directory|