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Uganda turns to domestic tourism- Uganda Safari & Tours

PLAYING GORILLASUganda is mainly based on international tourism, and this has tried to increase safari visits since there are many visitors who have traveled to Uganda to view Uganda’s tourist attractions. This has helped in increasing the revenues of the sector and also developing the tourism sector.

Despite its importance, domestic tourism had remained trivial in Uganda when compared to other East African countries such as Kenya and Rwanda. Ugandans have not put in a lot of efforts to participate in tourism which has tried to reduce Uganda safaris.

Local tourism numbers to national parks and other tourism attractions are small due to the fact that most people cannot afford the costs of visiting tourist attractions and also because of high travel accommodation rates. These high rates have led to reduced numbers of Ugandans who participate in domestic safaris, which has returded the development of the tourism sector.

 The Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), together with other industry players, has embarked on measures to boost domestic tourism so as to compensate for the drop in overseas tourist arrivals due to the global credit crunch and consequent recession. Domestic tourism will definitely lead increased safaris to Uganda.

Promoters are enticing local tourists with good tourism packages including lower fees to encourage them to visit the country’s attractions. Through the promotion of domestic tourism, local interest in tourism in Uganda has greatly improved and also safaris in Uganda have increased and improved.

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