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Uganda Wildlife affected by Poaching -Uganda safari News

poachingUganda has a lot of wildlife that attracts many people to come for Uganda tours and this has  improved tourism in Uganda. However the sector is affected by poachers, these kill the animals which registers a reduction in the number of animals, they hunt animal and therefore misplace them since they take them where they are not supposed to be, the poachers also sell off the animals at times alive or their parts and also at times use their coatings for exchange of things they may need. The tour operators are finding means of how to control this problem so as to promote more safaris to Uganda.

There many National Parks in Uganda which have got variety of wildlife chimpanzees, gorillas, birds and many others though they are affected by poaching. The management of the parks has put in a lot of  efforts to help in controlling poaching within the parks by arresting the found poachers to serve as examples to the rest. This has helped to keep the animals safe and health so as to attract more tourists to come for tours in Uganda.

The government of Uganda has also helped in controlling poaching within the national parks through encouraging Uganda Wildlife authority to  prevent  people from killing animals  in the national parks, this has been done through putting in place laws and regulations which prohibit the poachers from killing the animals which has helped in increasing the number of safaris to Uganda.

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