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Uganda Wildlife Exhibition in Gulu

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In Gulu Municipality(Gulu district) of Northern Uganda, on September 27th 2011, As a celebration to mark the world Tourism Day, a variety of Uganda`s tourism products were exhibited by Uganda Wildlife Authority. Among the exhibited were tourism promotional plus materials information. The exhibition took a full week and was attended by people in thousand.
Much information about Uganda‘s key tourism attractions, was freely given out who ever wished to have it by the Uganda wildlife staff that moved all the way from Kampala headquarters.Murchison falls Wildlife safari park representes also were resourceful in giving all about Murchison and Uganda at large.The TAKS Center near to Acholi Inn was the venue of this great exhibition. local community members, Uganda tour operators, training institutes,hoteliers,students, as well as government officials were among the active participants.
In this exhibition,the most attractive items that were carried away by those who attended this event featured full color animal posters for different Uganda national parks like the Uganda Mountain gorillas and Uganda`s game reserves. National parks information guidebooks content, new conservation tariff books and a number of resale items were used as souvenirs.
The third deputy prime minister Retired Lt.General Moses Ali, was among other important dignitaries in attendance such as ministers and district representatives like Professor Ephraim Kamuntu-Minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage together with his junior Ms Agnes Akiror Egunyu, minister of state for Water Betty Bigombe, Dr .Andrew Seguya who also guided them to all the products as displayed on the Uganda Wildlife stand that mesmerized them.
To climax this event, Artists dressed in Uganda mountain gorilla safari suits carried out a clean up exercise in Gulu town causing a lot of amusement to Gulu citezens and visitors. They painted a Zebra crossing and climaxed with having the Gorilla Service Night.

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