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The Ugandan Hippo, Suprising Facts – Uganda Safari news

For any visitor on a Uganda Safari, there are higher chances that you have encountered the Ugandan Hippo, on one of the water activities like Boat Cruise in Lake Mburo uganda. If yes, i come you now know that if compared to elephants, rhinos and buffalo, they are generally under-appreciated. This is perhaps because they spend most of their time in their lives submerged in the ponds and waterways of Africa and only emerging when darkness comes.

In the interest of shedding a little light on these creatures, here are a few interesting facts on hippos to consider when you encounter a school on your next safari in UgandaThese facts might sound suprising to some visitors planning an Adventure safari to Uganda

They are dangerous: – You should never be lied by the innocence on their faces, these are also wild animals and can be dangerous if provoked. According to a report by African Wildlife Foundation, hippos kill over 3,000 people annually and to put that in perspective, lions kill about 70 people per year.

They are surprisingly loud: – Hippopotamus grunts have been recorded at 115 decibels, which is comparable to a sound of sandblasting. In addition to just being loud, they make some interesting sounds while yawning and Uganda safari visitors who undertake a boat cruise on Kazinga channel have experienced that.

They are fast : – As these animals look fat and sometimes slow when walking around, but Given their short legs, it seems remarkable that hippos have been clocked running on ground at 18 miles per hour over short distances and walk an average of 6 miles per night in search of pasture.

They always sleep under water: – Hippos spend over 16 hours – that is more than half of their full day in water during day time and they can hold their breath for up to 5 minutes. Hippos can’t survive for long out of water because their skin is sensitive to direct sun heat, which is why they secrete a red oily substance.

The last and unreal – sounding fact is that their closest relatives are whales: – Of recent scientists based on the fossil record and discovered that hippos’ closest living relatives were pigs. But more recent DNA research evidence indicates that hippos are more closely related to whales.

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