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Ugandan rangers not helping poachers-Uganda safari News

poachingUganda Wildlife Authority is the body responsible for the conservation and preservation of the national parks in Uganda and it has greatly worked hand in hand with the rangers to help in reducing the acts of poaching within the national parks of Uganda. This has greatly helped in increasing the number of animals hence increased safari visits. The Uganda Wildlife Authority has greatly dismissed the reports which are seriously linking to the public that its rangers are helping out the poachers to kill the animals and at the same time find market for the products of the poachers.

The executive Director of UWA has said that the organization is responsible for the preservation and conservation of the animals and the national parks and it cannot at any time engage in any act of criminality and all the staff members have worked towards the protection of all the national parks with in the country. Such enforcements have helped in increasing safaris to Uganda.

This has been proved since all the poachers and encroachers who are arrested are taken to the courts of Law and are sentenced accordingly. This was said by the executive director of UWA. Many of the staff members are always warned that if they are found in any of the illegal activities of the national parks with the poachers, are also disciplined, all this has helped in keeping the numbers of safari tours with in Uganda high.

Poaching is a bad habit which has brought about reduction in the number of animals in the national parks and this has affected Uganda safaris; this has also brought about reduction in the revenues and foreign exchange to the country. However the public should remain positive since UWA is not responsible for helping the poachers in the national parks.

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