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Ugandans urged to invest in tourism development-Uganda safari news

The governimages of gorillasor of the bank of Uganda has urged Ugandans to invest in the development of Tourism since it has greatly helped in increasing the revenues of the country. This will also be a solution to the increasing unemployment which is taking place in the country. With this innovativeness, there will be increased number of international tourists who will travel to safaris Uganda  .

It’s realised thatTourism and Agriculture are the main exchange earners for the country and this means that Ugandans especially the youth should work hard and invest in these so as to be able to eradicate poverty. Once the tourism sector is well developed, there will be increased numbers of tourists who will be encouraged to come for safaris to Uganda.

Ugandans should strive at engaging in domestic tourism since; this will help in maintaining the revenues with in the country. Domestic tourism is one of the ways of developing the tourism sector with in the country. Ugandans should also help in the marketing of Uganda as a tourist destination to the outside so that the number of tourists who come for safaris in Uganda can increase.

The government has urged the people of Uganda to engage in the conservation and preservation of the natural habitant so that the wildlife numbers can be increased which will later help in attracting more tourists to come for safari tours to Uganda, hence increasing the revenues of the country.

There are many local investors who have invested in other sectors leaving tourism aside yet the international investors have greatly gained out of it .this has brought about repatriation of all the revenues from Uganda, hence the government has come up to encourage the local people to engage in tourism development so as to retain the revenues with in the country.

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