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birdingUganda is a land locked country which lies on the East African plateau entirely on the Nile basin. It has various unique landscapes which is good for safari tours.

The country comprises of many lakes including the largest lake in Africa that is, Lake Victoria which is the source of river Nile which runs northwards creating swamps and other drainage features. The Nile is a great source of Uganda safari since it was discovered by the early explorers on safari visit to Uganda. 

Lake George and Lake Edward forms Kazinga Channel where tourists always travel using a boat and provides an excellent safari tour to the tourists watching the most heavily inhabited hippos in the water. Other lakes include Lake Albert, Lake Kyoga, and Lake Bunyonyi which provides incredible beautiful of Uganda safari among others.

The landscape in Uganda ranges from glaciers, temperate, desert and tropical rain forest and this influences the climate of the country making it all season tourism destination and hence the best safari destination to visit. Most of the land scape is formed due to rigorous volcanic action. From the west, the view of interlocking hills, mountain ranges and evergreen vegetation offers a magnificent safari visit in Uganda.

Rwenzori Mountains is the highest mountain in Uganda. The glaciers, waterfall and lakes make it the Africa’s most attractive alpine area. The mountain provides an exclusive and unspoiled land scape of alpine vegetation studded with charismatic lobelias, groundsels. It also provides safari opportunity for tourists to hike to the top of the Mountain. Mountains like Mount Elgon also have diversity of attractions for Uganda safari.

Uganda is also blessed with various forest covers which also accommodate some of Uganda’s unique species. The forest in Bwindi impenetrable national Park protects the Uganda’s most delicate species called mountain gorilla which provides you with the opportunity to engage in gorilla trekking safaris.  Kibale forest and Budongo forest reserve also provides you with the opportunity to engage in chimp trekking.

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