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Uganda’s Dams to increase adventure tourism-Uganda Safari News

Uganda damshas got many tourist attractions which have continued to attract more tourists to come for safaris to Uganda. However, the dams in the country have not been visited so much yet they are great tourist attractions which can bring in high revenues to the country. 

The dam on the River Nile will increase the number of visitors who come for safari tours to Uganda, since the source of the River Nile has got many tourist activities which include; boat cruises, canoe rides, swimming, and many more which attract  tourists to the country. Therefore, the dams will also be visited as the tourists tour the source of the Nile.

The dams will also help in providing enough power to the nearby tourist attractions, like the lodges in the nationals parks and many more which facilitate the tourists who come for safaris to Uganda. This will help in improving and developing the tourism sector with in the country.

The source of the Nile has also increased the number of tourists who come for white water rafting which is an activity loved by many tourists. There are also other activities which are carried out like the bungee jumping which is also adventurous to the visitors.

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