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Uganda’s efforts to save its heritage sites-Uganda safari news

Wildlikasubi tombsfe in Uganda is facing many challenges and needs serious protection in order to improve tourism development since it’s considered to be the most revenue generating sector to the country. There are conflicts which are leading to the destruction of wildlife in the country. This has negatively affected  tourism hence decreasing the safari tours to Uganda.

Uganda has got many wildlife species and these include; the elephants, rhinos, cats, lions, and the leopards and these are considered to be the big game. These have attracted many safaris to Uganda and this has helped in increasing the revenues of the country. However, the poachers have not yet limited their operations in destroying the wildlife in the national parks. This has greatly reduced the number of animals in Uganda.

Uganda needs to protect the heritage sites since it has got a lot to offer to the tourists inform of tourism, these include the many national parks which are full of wildlife species and these have continuously attracted visitors to enjoy safaris in Uganda. The ministry of tourism has put in a lot of efforts in the promotion and marketing of Uganda as a tourist destination.

 The government has emphasised conservation as an important approach in the protection of wildlife in Uganda. The tourists who come to the national parks bring in a lot of foreign exchange, which has helped in improving the tourism sector safaris. Therefore the management of the national parks need to promote the preservation and conservation of the wildlife.

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