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giraffe -uganda safaris Uganda is blessed with one of the endangered giraffe subspecies with only limited hundreds of members in the wild which encourages Safaris. Rothschild giraffe’s name came from a well-known family of the Tring museum’s founder Walter Rothschild. It is also known as Uganda Giraffe and Baringo Giraffe in Kenya.  Rothschild giraffes are the tallest giraffes in the world measuring up to 6meters tall, and when mature, they can weigh up to 2,800 pounds with the male weighing over numerous of hundreds pounds. They are also at a particular risk of Hybridization

They can be found in Kidepo valley National Park and Murchison Falls National Park as well as Lake Nakuru national Park in Kenya.  Murchison falls being one of the most accessible parks by road offers the best Safari viewing through game drives. Kidepo Valley National Park also offers you a view but adding transportation cost on the safari.

Tours to Murchison Falls National Park and Kidepo valley National Park gives you a memorable, gracious and beautiful sight as you have the chance to see the Rothschild giraffes moving in their savannah setting in a very large number.

While on the Uganda safari, The Rothschild giraffe can be easily differentiated from other giraffe species with their different features. The giraffe un like other giraffes have five Ossicones, no patches on the legs giving a view of seeing The  white socks, the color of the coat is paler and the brown-orange spots is jagged and shape in shape. Their markings along the line of the leopards and unique like a human finger print

Rothschild Giraffe have any period of mating and their gestation period takes 14-16 months and safari Uganda gives you a chance of seeing them mating. They give birth to a single calf and their male and female stay differently but only mix when mating. The male and female is differentiated with their colors and horn, the male is dark in color than the female, bigger in size than the female and their two largest ossicone are usually worn from fighting.

 The safari visit to Murchison gives you the chance to view the world’s tallest land animal in its natural habitat enjoying the leaves from the top of the tree s using their long tongues while moving its right legs together with the left legs showing its credible style. The giraffes are one of the fastest animals’ reaching top speeds of 35mph about 56km/hr.

 Giraffes can go for months without taking liquid water instead they get water from the acacia leaves. This enables their stay in the open savannah grass land.

The most exciting safari is from Kampala to Murchison Falls National Park which will provide you with other beautiful attractions to view and beside with the shortest distance compared to Kidepo Valley National Park both by Air and road.

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