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Uganda’s Kidepo National Park to become accessible by tourists – Uganda Safaris

Deer in kidepo valley national parkKidepo national park which is located in the northern part of Uganda has always been considered to be inaccessible to tourists, and this has tried to reduce Ugandan safaris to the North which has reduced Uganda’s revenue generated from Tourism.

In the past years, conflicts and the insecurity in the area made the park inaccessible to the visitors, and this greatly affected the tourism sector since the number of safaris in Uganda decreased since there were many tourists who were interested in visiting Kidepo National Park, but this became a problem since the roads were so poor to facilitate movement.

However, the Ugandan Authorities have now come up with new strategies of reopen the park for tourism development so as to promote safaris to Uganda. There is construction of new roads which project has been already started in order to facilitate tourists who use public means to be able to reach the park. Air flights can also be organized for those who are interested in reaching the park in the shortest time possible.

CNN also ranked Kidepo National Park as the best park in Africa; this is because of its variety of savannah vegetation and wildlife which includes; leopards, lions, elephants and many more which have attracted many Uganda safaris.

The government of Uganda is also promoting security in the northern part of Uganda. This has helped to increase the safari visits since the tourists no longer fear for their lives. The introduction of the tourism police is a big step in providing security to the tourists who come to Uganda.

Uganda Wildlife Authority which is a government body responsible for marketing and promoting Uganda as tourist destination, has greatly focused at promoting Kidepo National Park as a tourist destination, which has resulted into increased safaris to Uganda.

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