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Uganda’s proposal to localize tourism-Uganda safaris News

giraffeUgandans are being taught how to make money through tourism so as to earn a living. It has been confirmed that as tourists come to visit Uganda, they come along with too much money with expectations of buying a lot of local things in Uganda. However to their surprise they find nothing to buy apart from the simple crafts they find every time and yet they are also made by non Ugandans. This therefore forces them to go back with their money at home.
This is keeps Uganda undeveloped because if Ugandans were making local things tourists would buy which earns revenue to the government hence developing Uganda. Therefore the tour operators should educate the local people to make local things so as to earn a living as visitors come to visit Uganda and also get involved in the tourism sector.
The Ugandans should be given capital so as to start up different local businesses and get money from the tourists who come for safaris in Uganda. Ugandans should set up local things along the National parks which attract tourists, within the parks, along the boarders and elsewhere so as to boost the tourism sector. This will therefore promote Uganda tours since tourists come  and they buy these things and take to their friends and family who may also be attracted to come for Uganda safaris hence boosting the tourism sector.
The new Uganda Tourism Board should therefore come together with the government so as to come up with a new system of sensitizing the public on how local things can earn themselves a living, boost the tourism sector as well as Uganda as a country hence promote more Uganda visits.
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