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Uganda’s tourism boosted by bird watching-Uganda safari News

bird watching safarisBird watching is one of Uganda’s recreational activities which have contributed high revenues to the development of the country. There are many tourists who have traveled to Uganda in order to engage in birding safaris and others seeking adventure. The birders usually stay for a long time in any destination they visit. This means that they spend a lot of money in any visited destination.

Bird watching is an international opportunity which provides little impacts to the environment yet it brings in high revenues to the tourism sector. The visitors can also boost rural tourism economics and also help in increasing the safaris to Uganda. With the increase in the birding destinations in the country, there has been increasing number of birders hence increasing the foreign exchange.

Birding in Uganda can be carried out in many destinations which include; Ssemiliki national park, Lake Bunyonyi , Bwindi impenetrable national park, MabiraForest, Kibale national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, water bodies also have got many variety of birds. Many visitors have visited these places in order to enjoy the birding safaris in Uganda.

However, Ugandans are not aware of the variety of birds which are found with in the country. International tourists have come up to greatly participate in bird watching therefore birds have contributed high incomes to the tourism sector and the country at large. The average age for the birders is between 25 to 55 and the incomes from this are normally high, this is because it has the highest potential to generate incomes at the local levels which helps in alleviating poverty.

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